Vendoo vs. Crosslist: What is the Best Crosslisting App?

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Vendoo vs. Crosslist: What is the Best Crosslisting App?

If you’re looking for a crosslisting service, you have probably encountered Vendoo, among others like Crosslist. In this article, we’ll compare each to help you determine which is best for you.


Crosslisting Compared: Vendoo vs. Crosslist

Vendoo and Crosslist are both known as crosslisting services: tools to help resellers quickly list their items for sale on multiple e-commerce apps quickly and easily. Let’s explore the pros and cons of both services:


Vendoo vs. Crosslist: Free Trials

When you’re exploring crosslisting services, it is important to try before you buy. A prudent sellers is not going to invest in a subscription without exploring the software to be sure it aligns with their goals and needs. This is why Vendoo offers an unlimited free trial. Take as long as you need in the Vendoo free plan to explore all of the tools and features to be sure it is right for you. 


Vendoo’s free trial does not require a credit card and is unlimited in duration. The free plan offers 5 items per month and access to all tools and features. Crosslist does not have a free trial, but they have a 3-day money-back guarantee. If you would like to explore Crosslist, you will have to pay upfront. Thereafter, you have three days to explore during which time you are eligible to request your money back if you are not satisfied. 


Pricing & Subscription: How much does it cost to crosspost with Vendoo vs. Crosslist?

Vendoo and Crosslist have different pricing models. Both offer various subscription plans to accommodate different needs.


The key difference between the pricing models is that Vendoo’s plans are item-based, and Crosslist’s plans are both item-based and feature-based. This means that with Vendoo, you can enjoy all features on any subscription, and the different tiers vary only by the amount of monthly listings included. With Crosslist, you the different tiers offer both a different amount of monthly listings and access to different features. 


How Much Does Vendoo Cost? 

Vendoo offers various, flexible pricing tiers and optional add-ons so you only pay for what you need based on listing volume. 

Vendoo has a free plan that is unlimited in duration and offers 5 items per month. 

The Vendoo starter plan is only $8.99 per month. 


How Much Does Crosslist Cost? 

Crosslist does not have a free plan but offers three plans to choose from:

The most affordable subscription on Crosslist is the Bronze plan is at $24.99 a month, but to enjoy all features you will need a Gold plan at $34.99 per month. 


Vendoo vs. Crosslist Marketplaces

Vendoo and Crosslisting both offer crosslisting to various marketplaces. Vendoo offers 11 marketplaces, and Crosslist offers 9. 


Marketplace Integration Breakdown









Facebook Marketplace



Vestiaire Collective





*Note that Vendoo offers Vinted on UK software and US Enterprise accounts only. It is not yet available on standard US accounts. 


Vendoo Marketplaces (11) include eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Depop, Grailed, Kidizen, Vestiaire Collective, Shopify, and Whatnot.  


Crosslist Marketplaces (8) include eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Depop, Grailed, Kidizen, and Vinted.  


Also note that crosslisting works differently in each software: Vendoo has a centralized form from which you can crosslist to 11 marketplaces from your Vendoo account. 

Crosslist’s method is a little more complex: you can only crosslist to and from various marketplaces… Here is some more information about the limitations: 


crosslist marketplaces

Photo from 


As shown, you can only crosslist to certain marketplaces from certain marketplaces. 


Check out how easy it is to list to 11 marketplaces with Vendoo here


Crosslist vs. Vendoo Features: What's included in your subscription?


Vendoo and Crosslist offer different marketplaces and features in addition to crosslisting. 


Vendoo’s core features include:

crosslisting to 11 marketplaces, importing, inventory management, photo-editing and background removal, AI listing tools, bulk delist/relist, sales detection, analytics, and more. 


Crosslist’s core features include:

crosslisting to 9 marketplaces, inventory management, and bulk delist/relist. 


Vendoo vs. Crosslist: Is there a mobile app for crosslisting?

Vendoo has a desktop Chrome Extension and a mobile app available on Apple and Android. 📱


Crosslist has a desktop Chrome Extension and mobile capabilities, but you can only “create and prepare” listings on mobile now; you cannot list or delist. 





Vendoo vs. Crosslist Overview




Free Trial

Forever Free Plan

Mobile App for Publishing Listings Android + iOs


Profit & Revenue Calculation

Business Analytics

Background Removal

Mark as Sold From Software


Downloadable CSV Spreadsheets

All-In-One Tab Inventory Management

Sale Detection & Auto Delisting

Bulk Listing

Affiliate Program



Overall, Vendoo is the most popular choice for online resellers. It’s the #1 crosslisting solution for a reason; in fact many reasons. We encourage you to explore options and see which works best for you. 


Be sure to consider the ease of use, feature selection, marketplaces, and the customer support offered to the community. 


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