Vendoo Seller Spotlight: The Posh Kings

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Vendoo Seller Spotlight: The Posh Kings

How The Posh Kings Became Successful Selling Online, and How Vendoo Helps Them to Grow Their Reselling Business 

Meet Brad and Jon, more commonly known as “The Posh Kings!” 


Known for their fun fashion and being top-sellers on Poshmark, Brad and Jon have been reselling for seven years. In addition to being Poshmark Kings, they also sell on many other marketplaces in high-volume! Seriously, these guys move a lot of  inventory! 


The Posh Kings quickly became the top-selling men on the new platform. 

Before the Posh Kings were full-time resellers, Brad was a welder and Jon was a hairdresser. Together, they then operated many high-end retail fashion stores throughout the state of Florida. Their love for luxury and their hustle made them very successful in the retail industry. 


After seeing a news special about Poshmark one day, they decided to give it a try to sell some items, and it quickly took off! Back then, Poshmark was only for women, and they were selling primarily designer accessories that could qualify as unisex. 


Their retail experience quickly made them stand out, acquire a major following, and rack in some impressive sales! 


“You have to apply storefront values to online reselling,” explained Jon, who noted that their experience in the retail industry allowed them to quickly grow on Poshmark.  With new and trending inventory, stellar customer service, and providing a consistent aesthetic, they quickly grew their Poshmark business into something they never imagined!


Fun Fact: At a Poshmark event in 2015, a Poshmark executive told them that their former username was “awful.” At that moment, they changed their username from something-random-with-numbers to The Posh Kings. This is when their brand truly started! 

Today, “The Posh Kings” is a household name, at least in reselling households! 


Reselling Tips and Tricks from The Posh Kings 


Brad and Jon sell on Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Whatnot, and they dabble with and explore other marketplaces occasionally. They adapt to demand and strategically list merchandise on various platforms. Check out their shops here


I asked, “What are the Posh Kings’ Top-Selling Items?” and the answer was very surprising: 


Jon explained that they “pivot and adapt, re-evaluating sales trends every 8 to 12 weeks, to see what is working and what isn’t.” Just like in retail, they analyze their sales and trend forecasts with an emphasis on supply and demand


“You have to be a chameleon when it comes to entrepreneurship; always ready to pivot and adapt to surroundings based on demand.” -Brad


Their retail ecommerce experience is highly considered in operating an online reselling business. The Posh Kings do not stay in one lane when it comes to inventory. While they are best known for their higher-end and luxury, they offer a wide range of brands, styles, and prices to accommodate everyone in respect to trends, the economy, and their own business analytics. They explain that the key to growth and success is always evolving. 

The Posh Kings Sourcing Tips for Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, and more!


Brad and Jon list hundreds of items every week for sale on multiple platforms with Vendoo. Where do they get such amazing, brand new inventory? 


Like many of us, the Posh Kings love thrifting, especially after a nice lunch with drinks!  They explain that they are blessed to have a geographical advantage with all of the thrift stores in Florida. They also purchase liquidation occasionally.


Their favorite way to source, however, is retail arbitrage; that is, buying things new on sale and flipping online for a profit. The Posh Kings love to source at designer outlets to score details on higher-end pieces! 


Fun Fact: The Posh Kings do not ever have a “death pile” of unlisted inventory lying around. They source in bulk and list items quickly, strictly disallowing themselves from going sourcing until everything is listed. If only we all had this level of self-discipline, hehe! 

How the Posh Kings Grew a Six Figure Reselling Business 


Brad and Jon have a consistent work schedule, and they work daily to process and list new items. 


They source and sell with a deep consideration of trends and styles, and their own selling trends, because “we all have different levels of success selling different types of things.” 


Another crucial component of business growth is marketing. They explain that marketing your business is very important, and they use Youtube and Instagram for marketing, among other methods. 


Brad and Jon promote consistently by marketing on social media, connecting with customers and other sellers, and networking at real life events.


In fact, Brad and Jon have traveled to 55 cities for reseller events. They have spoken on the main stage at Poshfest, and been featured in articles in the L.A. Times and Side Hustle Magazine! 


“If you want to get ahead, you have to be noticed,” explained Jon, who attributes much of their success to their hustling, networking, and marketing themselves. 

How the Posh Kings Use Vendoo to Scale and Grow


Brad and Jon recommend Vendoo to all multi-platform resellers! 


As a high-volume (like, really, really high volume) team, the Posh Kings need an inventory management system, and a way to quickly cross-list their inventory to multiple resale marketplaces. 


Discovering Vendoo was a game-changer for them because it is the fastest cross-listing tool for resellers, allowing them to save time and list more! 


Brad’s favorite feature is Vendoo’s inventory management, because it keeps track of all inventory, what is listed where, and Vendoo even removes items from remaining platforms when you mark as sold! 


Jon loves Vendoo’s bulk delist/relist tool, as it allows them to have tons of fresh daily listings that receive all of the exposure. Because consistent daily listing is the most important thing you can do on most marketplaces, this feature truly brings in exposure and sales! 


Vendoo’s analytics allow the Posh Kings to see their total profit, revenue, sell-through rate, average sale price (ASP) and top-selling marketplaces, brands, and categories to allow them to focus their efforts on the demands of their buyers. 

The Posh Kings are new to Vendoo, and it has been the best decision they have made for their reselling business, “saving us more time and making us more money!” 


When asked “What is next for the Posh Kings” they explained that they are continuing to grow and scale, cross-listing to more platforms, navigating the new live sale platform WhatNot, creating Youtube content, and pursuing some exciting reselling opportunities. 


Check out The Posh Kings on Poshmark here, especially if you need some motivation because they are seriously impressive! 


The Posh Kings on Poshmark

Learn more about how Vendoo can help you scale and grow like royalty by checking out the free trial. 


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