Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For September 2021

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Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For September 2021

September has been a huge month for Vendoo in terms of adding features that have been high on our customer’s wishlists. We hope these new features make listing and selling across multiple platforms easier than ever before! In order to keep our community updated on all the work going on behind the scenes, we’ve put together this monthly blog post. Make sure to join our Facebook Group for weekly updates as well. 


Vendoo’s New Features And Improvements

  • Bulk Delist & Relist Is Now Available To All Users! With this new feature, you can select up to ten times and delist and relist them all to multiple platforms at once very easily! 
  • Stale Listing System: A yellow sticker will now show up at the corner of items that haven’t been relisted in a while. You can set the timer for this feature under settings.
  • Connections Manager: You are now in control of the marketplaces Vendoo connects to and the marketplaces you see on your account. Only use 3 marketplaces? You will only see those 3, keeping you focused on the marketplaces you want to list to.
  • Local Shipping Option Added To Mercari
  • Poshmark Title and Characters Limits Expanded
  • New Grailed Shipping Options Were Added
  • Added Size Field When Importing Depop Items
  • Improved Category Mapping For Facebook Importing 


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Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes For The Month 

  • Facebook:
    • Fixed issue with listing errors caused by the shipping fields
    • Corrected Facebook shipping information during copy and paste 

  • Mercari:
    • Corrected issue with importing certain items from Mercari into Vendoo
    • Fixed an issue where title and brand were not being transferred when using copy and paste
    • Fixed a listing issue related to the delivery method
    • The image loading error has been fixed. 

  • Poshmark:
    • Poshmark added new world and traditional wear categories that were showing up incorrectly in Vendoo, this has been resolved. 

  • Tradesy:

    • Fixed the smart price field

  • General issues:
    • Corrected issue where a user on the free trial couldn’t get to the inventory page once they reached their listing limit. 
    • Searching by invalid characters would break the application, this has been resolved.
    • The cost of item and price sold were temporarily switched to mandatory fields, this requirement has been turned off. 

Known issues we are working on:

  • If you are experiencing issues loading your images or connecting to marketplaces be sure to update to the latest version of Chrome and your operating system. An update to "Let's Encrypt root certificates" is causing issues to many websites on older computers
  • Issues when relisting older items


We hope you enjoy these new features! Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or social media to let us know how you like them. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks, videos, and announcements of these product updates that are guaranteed to make your listing process even faster and more efficient. 

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