The Holy Grailed: How To Get Started Selling on Grailed

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The Holy Grailed: How To Get Started Selling on Grailed

Grailed is the one-stop destination for buying, selling and exploring menswear.


Grailed is a great place to sell men’s wear. Grailed is the largest marketplace for exclusively men’s fashion. According to a recent article, Grailed has approximately seven million users and over three million product listings.


Grailed is a place for men’s style, with best sellers being designer, sneakers, streetwear and vintage.


Here is the Holy Grailed (see what I did there) with everything that you need to know to sell on Grailed. 


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How to Create a Grailed Account 

You can create a Grailed account in just moments from the Grailed website or mobile app. You’ll have to create and connect a Paypal account to sell items on Grailed as well. 


Did you know that Grailed is a Vendoo platform? Connect your Grailed account to cross-list your items in just seconds.


What Can You Sell on Grailed?


Grailed is a place for menswear, and you can sell anything that fits within its Categories: Men’s Footwear, Tops, Outerwear, Bottoms, Tailoring (Formal wear) and men’s fashion accessories: 


Categories and Subcategories on Grailed

Grailed keeps it respectful and inclusive with their hateful items policy which prohibits the sale of derogatory and hateful items. 💯


Did you Know that Grailed does allow for the sale of women’s clothing. While there aren’t categories for women’s items or sizing, you can sell them. Grailed explains “Now more than ever, gendered dressing is becoming less definitive.” So list some of your genderless pieces- just be clear in your description and include measurements. 



How to List on Grailed


Selling an item on Grailed is simple, it is just like selling everywhere else. Follow these steps to make more sales on Grailed:


     1. Upload at Least 3 Photos 

Grailed allows 25 photos! Looks matter- be sure that your photos are well-lit, clear, and make your item look nice. 🔥  Be sure to show the front, back, labels, and all angels and details of your item.


,      2. Provide Some Information 

Grailed will prompt you to select the condition, size, brand/designer, model or style, etc.


Pro Tip: Josh @GetDizzyStore recommends selecting multiple brands when the item is a collaboration. This is also helpful for adding “vintage” as a brand along with the actual brand of the item.  


      3. Write a Description 

Your description should include details such as the item, title, size, condition, collection, retail price, and more. Generally, the more details the better to provide for the best buyer experience and the most exposure for your listings. 


        4. Add Tags 

Tags help your item to sell. You can select up to ten hashtags. Be sure to choose trendy, relevant tags based on brand and style.


     5. Enter the Measurements

Your item is 40% more likely to sell if you include the measurements. Unlike the other reselling apps, Grailed has a special field prompting you to include the measurements based upon your item. This helps buyers to find your items when they search based upon fit.


Grailed has a special field prompting you to include the measurements based upon your item.

Source: Grailed

In your Grailed listings, include all of the suggested measurements. For example, for a pair of jeans, include the waist, inseam, leg opening, front rise, thigh, and knee measurements. Of course, measurements vary depending on the type of item. 


Pro Tip: One of the Vendoo founders Josh @GetDizzyStore explains that measurements are very important on Grailed - Don’t skip them! 


Did you know that Grailed digitally authenticates all items before they hit the feed? Grailed takes authenticity very seriously, learn more here


      6. Select a Price 

Pricing is a science, as you want to price low enough to be enticing but high enough to have room for offers and yield a good profit. Don’t be afraid to price high on Grailed.

Generally, if you compare comps between Grailed and other platforms, items sell for a lot more on Grailed. 

When listing, Grailed provides a price range tool to provide you with comparable pricing (“comps”). You can also search comps on Grailed by searching for a comparable item, and selecting “Show Only” and “Sold” 

Grailed also offers smart pricing, whereas your price is automatically dropped weekly until it reaches a floor price (that you select as a baseline).


Then, you enter your shipping information and list your item. 

For fastest listing on Grailed, connect to your Vendoo account where you can list and cross-list much faster! 


Shipping on Grailed 


Shipping on Grailed is super simple, with many shipping options. You can opt to Ship with Grailed or Ship on your own. 


If you ship with Grailed, you will estimate the item’s weight at the time of listing and select a pre-paid label tier: 


Ship with Grailed


The current rates for shipping with Grailed are decent.  Extra small items (under 4oz) ship for $3, small items (under 8oz) ship for $5, medium items (under one pound) ship for $7, large items (under 2lbs) ship for $11, and extra large items (under 20lbs) ship for only $15. 


Note that you must ship items on your own that exceed 20lbs.


When you purchase a label through Grailed, a USPS label will be emailed to you, and tracking automatically updates once it is shipped. The rates offered by Grailed are pretty good, especially for shipping heavy items. Using Grailed’s shipping labels is easier, more convenient, and offers a great rate! 


You can also ship on your own through whichever service you choose. You may consider checking PirateShip, Sendle, or Shippo for the best rates. Because you will pay the shipping, you will want to get the best rate possible. When you elect to ship on your own, you will have to provide tracking information. Be mindful of the shipping insurance that may (or may not be) included with a specific carrier. 


Grailed Fees - How much does Grailed take? 


Grailed fees are straightforward: there are no subscription or account fees and no listing fees. 


Grailed fees are 9% commission on the sale price plus the Paypal fee. 


Grailed fees are a standard nine percent fee on the sale price of your item, but because Grailed uses Paypal for transactions, you will also be charged a Paypal fee. 


The current Paypal fee is 3.49% plus $0.49, but the Paypal fees are ever-changing and vary by location. 


For a quick and conserative estimate, expect that fees will be around fifteen percent after all is said and done. 


Return Policy


All sales are final on Grailed. 


Refunds may be issued only when the order is not received, the item is not authentic, or the item is not as described in the listing (such as undisclosed damage). 


That said, transactions processed through Paypal provide extended protection to buyers and sellers under the standard Paypal terms and conditions


These protections extend to Grailed sellers, too, who are protected in the event of a fraudulent claim or wrongful chargeback. 

Top-Selling Brands on Grailed


What are the best things to sell on Grailed? Keep an eye out for these Grailed Bolos:


Check out the Grailed Markets to see how Grailed categorizes and prioritizes best sellers. 

Grails refers to high-end designers like Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Raf Simons, A.P.C., Maison Margiela, Acne, Comme des Garcons, Balmain, Undercover, Gucci, and more!


Hype includes highly anticipated new releases like Supreme, Jordan, Yeezy, Palace, Bape, BBC, F.O.G., Artist Merch, New Collaborations, New Drops/Releases, and more! 


Sartorial is the market for high-end classics such as Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana, Tom Ford, Kiton, Boglioli, Alden, Crocket & Jones, Incotex, Isaia, Drakes, and more!

Core market includes the “bread-and-butter” mainstream brands like J.Crew, Uniqlo, Levi's, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Zara, Vintage, Custom Pieces, and others!

Grailed Tips and Tricks:



Consistent Listings 

Like every platform, consistent daily activity is the best way to increase exposure and revenue. 


Pro Tip: No time to list every day? You can delist and relist your items in Bulk with Vendoo.


Do Your Research 

Know what you’re selling. The more information and details you provide, the more exposure your item will get. For high fashion or certain streetwear brands, it is helpful to know the title of the item, the release year, season, and collection when applicable.


Price Skillfully

Grailed is a bidding marketplace, so expect some haggling.  Use price drops to your advantage to gain more exposure for your listings.


Josh @GetDizzyStore explains “Don't be afraid to price items high, people make offers. Also, offers are binding.” 


Be Sure its Authentic

Grailed doesn’t play when it comes to authenticity. When in doubt, authenticate. Familiarize yourself with authenticity and be sure your items are genuine.  


Offer International Shipping 

Providing international shipping will widen your reach and your items will get so much more interaction.


Did you Know: Grailed is also testing out their send offers to likers feature which is currently in beta.


Do you sell on Grailed? Drop your best Grailed tip below! 


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