Is Grailed Legit? Review, How to Sell & More

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Is Grailed Legit? Review, How to Sell & More

Is Grailed legit? Thinking about a new marketplace to sell online? You'll want to consider this one.


“Grailed is the one-stop destination for buying, selling, and exploring menswear and womenswear.”

Grailed marketplace

Grailed was formerly just for the boys, but did you know that in the summer of 2022, Grailed expanded to include women’s clothing and fashion? 


Grailed is an evolving marketplace with a global audience of over 10 million users


In this article, we’ll talk about everything Grailed: what to sell on Grailed, how to list on Grailed, extra tips and tricks, and how to crosslist your items to Grailed from Vendoo. 


Looking for a full guide to Grailed? Check out The Holy Grailed: How to Get Started Selling on Grailed


What Should I Sell on Grailed? 


You can sell clothing and fashion accessories on Grailed, but it is most known for designer, luxury, streetwear, vintage, athleisure, and higher-end brands and designers. 


While you can sell anything on Grailed, items from these categories are what the app is known for. 


I personally consider Grailed to be the perfect mix between Depop and Poshmark; It has the cool vibe and fresh style of Depop but the class and sophistication of Poshmark (without the feminine social components).


Grailed is modern, fresh, and dope, with an urban influence.


Grailed Listings Missoni Jil Sander Stussy Jordans

Image from GetDizzyStore on Grailed 


Want some inspo? Check out Vendoo Founder Josh’s Grailed Store. He’s a top seller on Grailed and I’ve learned a lot from looking at his listings.


The Grailed Listing Form: How To List on Grailed


Listing on Grailed is super simple, especially if you use Vendoo! Grailed is a non-intimidating platform, it’s simple and clear. 


The listing form is straightforward, you enter the title, brand, size, category, color, tags, price, description, and shipping info. 


It is similar to selling anywhere, with the only difference being that measurements have their own field:


Grailed measurements


Measurements are important on Grailed. According to Grailed, you increase your chances of making a sale by at least forty percent if you include the requested measurements. 


Another awesome thing is that Grailed allows ten hashtags! Most marketplaces allow far less. 


y2k bebe grailed

Image from FourLimes on Grailed


Use all ten hashtags, and not just any hashtags, but trending hashtags and style aesthetics to maximize your exposure.


Start crosslisting to Grailed today with Vendoo!

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How Does Shipping Work on Grailed?


The shipping section of the listing form is very simple as well. You don’t even need to weigh and measure items. 


All you need to do is decide whether to charge shipping or offer free shipping.


All Grailed sales ship via a Grailed Label, excluding international sales or items above 20 lbs, which you will ship on your own. 


Grailed labels are USPS and UPS. You can simply print it and affix it to your package- Grailed handles the rest!


I highly recommend that you opt into global shipping. Grailed has a large, worldwide audience!


To learn more about shipping on Grailed, check out this article


How to Sell on Grailed with Vendoo


I crosslist almost everything to Grailed, especially because it's only a couple of extra clicks when you list from Vendoo


Here is what the Grailed listing form looks like on Vendoo: You’ll notice it’s way faster to list on Vendoo!


Vendoo Grailed form


All of the information entered in Step 1: The Vendoo Form is transferred to the Grailed form.


Grailed Brands and Tags


As you can see, you can select multiple brands when applicable and enter your measurements to enhance your chances of sales.


Grailed default settings


Vendoo makes everything easier. See all those green checkmarks? Those are settings that you can default. 


Vendoo saves your preferences, this way, you don’t have to enter them every single time!


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You’ll also notice that Vendoo accommodates Grailed’s smart pricing feature, which we’ll talk about below!


Listing to Grailed is only a couple of clicks after you’ve completed the Vendoo form. I list almost everything on Grailed and I’m starting to make consistent daily sales!


Grailed gradually lowers your price until your minimum price is met and boosts your listings along the way!





Is Grailed Legit? 


Yes! I had the pleasure of meeting some of the Grailed team at a Grailed x Vendoo at their NYC offices! Like their app, their offices were so cool, flourishing with creativity and true to their aesthetic. 


Buyers and sellers love and trust Grailed due to the Grailed Authenticate Program


Grailed has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fakes and replicas and all qualifying items are subject to Grailed’s digital authentication prior to listing. 


When you list certain items, you will notice that they are not immediately available for sale as they undergo Grailed’s review. Grailed confirmed with us that each and every authentication is performed by a trained human, and they pride themselves on their guarantee. 


Not all items will be subject to Grailed authentication, just those with “potential risk,” based on the brand’s susceptibility of replication, price, seller’s account status, and more. 


Once your item is authenticated and live, it will appear with an authentication badge. As a buyer, you can also request authentication on anything you are interested in. Learn more here.


Expert Grailed Tips: How to Make More Sales on Grailed with Vendoo


Here are some expert tips to make more sales on Grailed:


1. List Consistently

Like every platform, consistent daily activity is the best way to increase exposure and revenue. 


Pro Tip: No time to list every day? You can delist and relist your items in Bulk with Vendoo.


2. Research Your Items

Know what you’re selling. The more information and details you provide, the more exposure your item will get. For high fashion or certain streetwear brands, it is helpful to know the title of the item, the release year, the season, and the collection when applicable.


3. Price Skillfully

On Grailed, you can often yield a higher sale price for items. But, Grailed is an offer-based marketplace, so expect some haggling.  

Use price drops to your advantage to gain more exposure for your listings.


4. Bump Your Listings


A “bump” on Grailed is sort of like a “share” on Poshmark or a “refresh” on Depop. 


On Grailed, Bumping brings your listings to the top of search results and followers’ news feeds. 


You can “bump” a listing every 7 days within the first 30 days of your item. Thereafter, you must drop the price by at least 10% to bump. 


5. Utilize Multiple Brands


On Grailed, you can utilize multiple brands when applicable, especially for collaborations. 

For example, a Gucci x The North Face limited edition collab coat could be listed under both Gucci and The North Face for double exposure.

6. Offer International Shipping


Do not be afraid to ship internationally, as it will widen your reach and potential audience. 

7. Send Offers to Likers


You can send offers to likers (OTL) on Grailed. To initiate an offer, navigate to the “for sale” page, and your eligible listings will appear as eligible to send offers. 


If you’re looking for some more expert insights to know if Grailed is legit, check out our Grailed Webinar. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Thompson, Director of Business Development at Grailed, to learn more about how to sell on Grailed. You can watch that recording here


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