Seasonal Reselling: Trending Items For Fall Season

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Seasonal Reselling: Trending Items For Fall Season

Even though it may feel like summer just started, fall is upon us. You may have already noticed a switch in stores to back-to-school merchandise and fall fashion. Being ahead of the season is a common marketing strategy in department stores, and it works in ecommerce as well! It is time to start thinking about the next season!


In preparation for quarter four, be on the lookout for back-to-school supplies, fall fashion, career wear, and holiday shopping. The end of the summer is a booming time for resellers, offering relief to the notorious “summer slowdown” when there is often a halt in sales.  Expect an increase in sales if you are selling things for the next season.


1. Back-To-School

Resellers should capitalize on back-to-school time. Especially this year, as students are going back to school for the first time in years, as the pandemic has slowed down and in-person learning is resuming. This means that school supplies, electronics, accessories and backpacks should be more in demand than ever. Be sure to use keywords that resemble those that buyers will be searching for! In the next couple of weeks, students will be receiving back to school lists, and busy parents will be looking for those items online!


Reseller Tip: Electronics such as laptops, calculators, gaming consoles, cameras, and accessories are top sellers on eBay.


Back-to-school time isn’t just for grade school children: think college. College students will be returning to dorms seeking decor, small appliances, accessories, and new wardrobe pieces. There are over double the college students going off to college for the first time this year, as many second-year students never moved into a dorm during the pandemic. Now is a great time to source and list things with the college student in mind!  


Keyword Tip: Include the words “dorm room” in your description to attract prospective buyers. College students also love athleisure and comfortable clothing!


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2. Fall And Winter Fashion

For students and everyone alike, now is the time to source and list fall and winter fashion. Coats, jackets, sweaters, hat and glove sets, and boots are starting to be displayed in the stores. Sweater weather is coming, and sweaters are always a top seller on Poshmark during the fall season. In addition to fall styles, keep an eye out for fall colors; shades like maroon, olive, burnt orange, and forest green. Also, don’t forget about children’s items. Children’s winter jackets are always quick sales for me!


While career wear has been slow to move over the last year, I anticipate a spike in professional clothing and office fashion. This fall, there will be a return to the office for many working professionals. According to a recent article by CNN, most major U.S. companies intend to have employees back at their desks by Labor Day. A return to the office will likely mean a spike in the sales of career wear and professional clothing. It is likely that a return to the office will be accompanied by a new look and updated wardrobe for many. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) reveals that sixty-one percent of adults report having gained weight since the outbreak of the pandemic. The same survey reveals that fifteen percent of adults have lost weight during the pandemic. Either way, one could estimate that roughly seventy six percent of adults are not the same weight that they were a year and a half ago, meaning that a new wardrobe may be inevitable. Be sure to list all of your career wear!


Keyword Tip: Consider the keywords “business casual,” “business formal,” “professional,” “career,” and “wear to work” in your listings. This is how buyers search for clothing to wear for work!


3. Holiday Season

It is not too early to think about the holidays! The holidays are approaching, and holiday decor is a top seller on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Holiday clothing is very popular on the reselling platforms as well, and this year people will be gathering for holidays and parties again! Keep an eye out for Christmas sweaters and “ugly sweaters.”


Christmas season can be very profitable for resellers, think gifts! Keep an eye out for wholesale or new with tag items that make great gifts and stocking stuffers. Clothing, wellness and beauty, and toys are always top sellers during the holiday season. It is never too soon to start Christmas shopping!


What are you sourcing for quarter four? Share with us below!

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