2023 Guide to eBay Stores, Policies, & Features for Resellers

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2023 Guide to eBay Stores, Policies, & Features for Resellers

Welcome to the quick reference guide on eBay you’ve been waiting for, where we dive into the most up-to-date information for 2023.


eBay has been a popular online marketplace for years, connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. In this blog, we'll cover a range of topics, including eBay stores, sold listings, buyer block, authenticity guarantee, money-back guarantee, canceling bids and orders, eBay's functionality, and much more. Let's get started!


eBay Stores:


eBay stores provide sellers with an opportunity to showcase their inventory in a personalized online storefront. They offer a variety of benefits, such as branding, increased exposure, and marketing tools. Sellers can customize their store's layout, categories, and branding elements to create a unique shopping experience for their customers. eBay stores are an excellent option for sellers looking to establish a long-term presence on the platform and build customer loyalty.


eBay Sold Listings:


If you're curious about the selling prices of similar items or want to research market trends, eBay's sold listings feature comes in handy. By searching for an item and applying the "sold listings" filter, you can view the historical data of similar items, including their final selling prices. This feature helps sellers set competitive prices and buyers make informed purchasing decisions.


eBay Promoted Listings & Coupons:


eBay Promoted Listings and coupons are powerful tools that sellers can utilize to attract customers, boost sales, and encourage repeat business. With Promoted Listings, sellers can enhance the visibility of their products by displaying them prominently in search results and category pages. This increased visibility helps sellers reach a wider audience and increase the likelihood of making sales. Additionally, sellers can create customized coupons to offer incentives to buyers. By creating several coupons and strategically distributing them, sellers can employ various tactics to drive customer engagement. 


For example, after completing a sale, sellers can offer a coupon to ensure that customers are enticed to return for future purchases. Similarly, when making an offer that is declined, sellers can automatically send a follow-up coupon to incentivize customers to visit their store again. 


These coupons serve as a valuable tool for sellers to generate not only immediate sales but also establish long-term customer relationships by providing compelling reasons for buyers to keep coming back.


eBay's Functionality and Features:


eBay offers a range of features to enhance the buying and selling experience. These include:


  • saved searches

  • eBay watchlist

  • seller vacation mode

  • reprinting shipping labels

  • managing sold items

  • buyer protection programs 


And the ability to remove unwanted bidders from auctions. Exploring and utilizing these features can help both buyers and sellers optimize their eBay experience. 


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Blocking Buyers on eBay:


eBay provides sellers with the ability to block specific buyers from bidding on or purchasing their items. This feature is useful when dealing with problematic buyers or those who consistently fail to complete transactions. To block a buyer, sellers can go to their account settings and navigate to the "Block buyers" section. Simply enter the buyer's username or email address to prevent them from interacting with your listings.


eBay Authenticity Guarantee:


eBay's authenticity guarantee program offers an added layer of trust and confidence for buyers. This program ensures that certain high-end fashion items sold on eBay are thoroughly inspected and authenticated by independent experts before being delivered to the buyer. The authenticity guarantee badge indicates that the item has gone through a verification process, providing buyers with peace of mind.


eBay Refurbished:


eBay's refurbished section is an excellent destination for buyers looking for discounted electronics, gadgets, and other items that have been professionally restored to a like-new condition. These items often come with warranties and are a cost-effective alternative to buying brand-new products.


The eBay Refurbished Program offers customers the opportunity to purchase reliable, refurbished products at competitive prices. By implementing stringent quality standards and facilitating seamless transactions, eBay aims to alleviate any apprehensions associated with buying refurbished items. Whether you're a buyer seeking savings or a seller looking to showcase your refurbished offerings, eBay's Refurbished Program is a win-win solution that brings together quality and affordability in one convenient marketplace.


eBay Refurbished Program Benefits

  • One-year Allstate Warranty

  • Free shipping and 30-day free returns

  • Your listings will be found under eBay's Excellent, Very Good, and Good Conditions refurbished items.

  • Your listing will have the eBay refurbished badge in Search, View Item, Check out, and order confirmation pages.

  • Your listing will gain more views and attract potential customers looking for fully functional refurbished items at an affordable price.

eBay Money-Back Guarantee:


eBay's money-back guarantee protects buyers in case they don't receive an item or receive an item that significantly differs from the seller's description. If a buyer encounters such issues, they can open a case through eBay's resolution center, and eBay will facilitate a resolution or provide a refund.




eBay Auctions or Buy it Now? Which is Best for You


Sellers can create listings for their items, set a starting price, and specify the duration of the auction. Potential buyers can then place bids on the items, with the highest bid winning the auction.


One of the key features of eBay auctions is the excitement and competitiveness they generate. Bidders can engage in a thrilling bidding war, trying to outbid each other to secure the desired item. This aspect of auctions adds an element of anticipation and adrenaline to the buying process, making it an engaging experience for both buyers and sellers.


Another advantage of eBay auctions is the potential to find unique and rare items. Many sellers use auctions to offer one-of-a-kind products that may not be readily available in traditional retail stores. Collectors and enthusiasts often flock to eBay to find vintage items, limited editions, and hard-to-find treasures. The auction format allows these sellers to showcase their unique offerings and gives buyers a chance to discover and bid on items they might not encounter elsewhere.

Canceling Bids and Orders on eBay:


Canceling a bid or order on eBay is possible in certain situations. If a buyer places a bid or commits to purchasing an item but needs to retract it, they should contact the seller as soon as possible. The seller can then decide whether to cancel the bid or order. It's important to note that excessive cancellations may impact a buyer's or seller's reputation on the platform.


What are the steps to cancel orders as a seller? As a seller, you have the option to cancel orders for unpaid items either manually or automatically by utilizing the "Preferences for items awaiting payment" feature.


To manually cancel an order, select the "Cancel Order" button located in the "Orders" section (if using the Seller Hub) or "Sold" section (if using My eBay). Choose the reason "Buyer hasn't paid" from the available options.


For automatic cancellation, access the "Selling Preferences" and enable the feature. This will automatically cancel any unpaid orders that have been pending for four or more calendar days. However, if there are trusted buyers you wish to exempt from this rule, you can exclude them, and their orders won't be automatically canceled after the specified deadline.


It's important to note that the "Preferences for items awaiting payment" feature is only available to sellers who don't offer cash on delivery or check as payment methods. To be eligible for automatic cancellation, the order must go through the standard eBay online checkout process.


Once an item is canceled, eBay may issue fee credits to your account, covering either the full or partial amount of fees (typically the Final Value Fee) that have already been deducted.


Best Selling Items on eBay 2023


In 2023, eBay witnessed a surge in demand for top-selling items across various categories. The electronics sector dominated sales, with smartphones, smartwatches, wireless headphones, and gaming consoles, especially the latest releases, being in high demand. 


The fashion and beauty industry also experienced significant growth, with athleisure wear, luxury handbags, sneakers, and skincare products leading the way. Moreover, sustainability and eco-friendly products gained traction, reflecting the growing interest in ethical practices and recycled materials. 


These top-selling items on eBay in 2023 highlight the prominence of technology, the evolving preferences of consumers, and the increasing demand for sustainable fashion and beauty products.


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eBay continues to be a prominent online marketplace in 2023, providing numerous features, policies, and tools to facilitate successful transactions. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, understanding how eBay works and staying up-to-date with the latest updates and features is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable experience.


From eBay stores that allow sellers to create their unique online presence to the sold listings feature that helps buyers make informed decisions, eBay provides a platform that caters to the needs of both buyers and sellers. Sellers can utilize features such as blocking buyers to manage their interactions effectively, while buyers can take advantage of eBay's authenticity guarantee to ensure the legitimacy of high-end fashion items.


The money-back-guarantee adds an extra layer of protection for buyers, instilling confidence in their purchases. Additionally, eBay's refurbished section offers buyers an opportunity to find quality products at discounted prices, making it a go-to destination for savvy shoppers.


Understanding the process of canceling bids and orders is essential, as it allows buyers and sellers to address any unforeseen circumstances or changes in their purchasing decisions. eBay's functionality extends beyond that, with features like saved searches, watchlist, and vacation mode providing convenience and flexibility.


It's important to note that eBay's policies and features may evolve over time, so it's always advisable to refer to the official eBay website or consult their customer support for the most up-to-date information.


Whether you're a seasoned eBay user or new to the platform, staying informed and making the most of the available features will undoubtedly enhance your eBay experience. 


Happy buying and selling on eBay!


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