Vendoo Product Updates For March and April 2024

Seller's Corner
Vendoo Product Updates For March and April 2024


We have an exciting collaboration that makes Vendoo the only crosslisting software ever to offer integration with this marketplace. Read last month's product updates and dive into what's new.

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Vendoo's New Releases And Improvements

New releases

  •  Vendoo is the first crosslisting software to integrate Whatnot, compatible with both live selling and Whatnot marketplace.


  • The suggested style tags were added to the Poshmark form in the “tags” field to appear as they do on Poshmark’s app.

Take A Look At The Latest Vendoo Bug Fixes


    • Updates and enhancements to the Poshmark form on Vendoo to ensure a seamless listing process to Poshmark. Also fixed an issue for adding punctuation on style tags.  


    • Fixed an issue on Depop where the address and parcel size were not transferred accurately.


    • Improved the copy-and-paste process for eBay. 
    • Fixed an error relative to the ISBN field that was hindering listing. 
    • Resolved an issue where sale detection was duplicating sale records for eBay sales.


    • Resolved the issue where sales were not being detected on Mercari after the marketplace updated the selling fees.
    • Resolved a photo issue that was affecting the listing process.


    • Updated shipping options to reflect new options on Grailed.

Whatnot (BETA) 

    • Worked on the price not being transferred from the Vendoo to the WhatNot form.
    • Fixed an issue preventing listing due to an error about an invalid SKU type.


Spotlight Series: This Month's Must-Sees & Beyond

Mercari Updated Selling Fees

At the end of March, Mercari implemented significant changes. Now, selling on Mercari is free of charge, aligning with the marketplace's goal to redefine standards for peer-to-peer transactions and attract more sellers. On the other hand, buyers face an additional charge of $0.50 plus 2.9% of the transaction price. Additionally, buyers can return items for any reason, free of charge. Also note that sellers now incur a fixed $2 fee per balance withdrawal (not per transaction). 


The First Crosslisting Software to Integrate With Whatnot

Vendoo has partnered with Whatnot to be the first crosslisting service to offer Whatnot. Now, Vendoo sellers can access the Whatnot marketplace with full integration, offering importing, crosslisting, and sale detection. Vendoo sellers can now crosslist to Whatnot for live sales as well as the classic marketplace for “still listings”. Note that this integration is in BETA, with further development in progress. 


Reseller Content & Resources


  • Check out this Whatnot Guide For Resellers to learn everything you need to know about selling on Whatnot.
  • With no seller fees, it’s time to get a listing on Mercari! For expert tips, check out our last blog post on Mastering Mercari in 2024 and start crossposting your inventory from Vendoo.


  • Watch our recent webinar with the Whatnot team here.


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