Vendoo Monthly Product Updates for June 2022

Seller's Corner
Vendoo Monthly Product Updates for June 2022

As we add more upgrades and features, we’re working to deliver a better experience for resellers to help them grow their business. We appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions to build and improve our platform for you.

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Vendoo’s Improvements


  • The analytics page can be filtered by custom Vendoo labels
  • Improved inventory sort results when using the alphabetic A-Z option
  • Improvements in the marketplaces forms for faster listing

Beta Mobile App 

  • Integrated the help button to reach out to the support team through the mobile app
  • Etsy is available in the mobile app
  • Performance improvements when creating new items
  • Improved field transferring process for faster listing


Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes 


  • Fixed error where select categories were missing required subcategories


  • Included the Mercari Pack & Ship option
  • Improvements to importing from Mercari


  • Included “None” subcategory in the form
  • Updated brands on the Depop form


  • Improvements on the listing process


  • Fixed error with items listed with the size 0
  • Corrected issue where images reduced in size after importing
  • Fixed issue related to images not being transferred when using the “copying and paste” listing method


  • Fixed issue with the dimensions field having to be removed when listing

General Issues

  • Sold items are being displayed correctly into the analytics page.


Love these improvements? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or social media to let us know how you like them. Also, share the news with your friends.


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