Vendoo Monthly Product Updates - April + May 2022

Seller's Corner
Vendoo Monthly Product Updates - April + May 2022

These last two months were a milestone for our mission to help resellers grow their business in terms of adding features that are total game changers for the reseller community. We know these new features will make listing and selling easier than ever before! 

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Vendoo’s Improvements


  • Copy and paste feature is now available in the tag field.
  • The price for prepaid shipping labels is updated with Tradesy new options.
  • New and more simple design for the import page.
  • A new update to brands on depop.
  • Items can be imported at once while keeping the same filters.

Beta Mobile App 

  • Mercari is now available for iOS users. Coming soon for Android.
  • Improvement in the marketplaces forms.

Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes 


  • Corrected problem where images were being cropped when importing onto Vendoo and were not appearing on the importing page.
  • Fixed issue where certain details were not copying and pasting correctly.
  • Fixed the problem where the newly updated size field on Facebook Marketplace was preventing sizes to transfer onto listings.
  • Limit reached warning is no longer showing when syncing inventory.


  • Fixed error that users received when importing.
  • Corrected issue related to local shipping option not working.


  • The shipping location is no longer being overwritten when there is a default shipping location set.
  • Depop now has the option to to list "Kid" items.


  • Corrected problem where Images were being distorted when listing onto Poshmark.
  • Fixed error that showed up while trying to bulk delist/relist items.
  • Solved issue that was showing the incorrect fee for items sold under $15.
  • Free shipping is transferring to listed items correctly.


  • Fixed error that appears when trying to relist an item.


  • Solve issues related to syncing Items on Vendoo.
  • Now, collections can be selected on Vendoo. 


  • The brand and the shipping are being transferred correctly.
  • The value '0' can be entered in the shipping field to offer free shipping.
  • All the categories specifics are being transferred.

General Issues

  • The label manager does filter properly the inventory view and stays on the items description page.
  • Fixed error that shows a notification when switching between accounts and trying to sync from the importer. 


Love these improvements? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or social media to let us know how you like them. Also, share the news with your friends.


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