Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For January 2022

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Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For January 2022

New year, new features! We are thrilled to share this new year with you. As a Vendoo user, it's no secret that you are trying to keep your sales ticking over nicely. Here at Vendoo, we want to give you all the tools to help you get the most out of the platform. 

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Vendoo’s New Features And Improvements


  • Shopify beta launch is finally here!
  • All marketplace fields now import from Tradesy, Grailed, and Facebook


  • Sold information saved on Shopify
  • Added Shopify brands on the sold information form
  • Removed the warning message saying that an item marked as sold on Shopify was still listed on other marketplaces when successfully delisted.


Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes For The Month 


  • Corrected issue where listing onto Facebook was not possible due to duplicated photos or graphic rate limit


  • Solved issues when importing items from Mercari 


  • Fixed error that occurred when trying to delist and relist while the designer field was empty.


  • Fixed error related to the copy and paste process


  • Solved issues when importing items from eBay


General Issues 

  • The price checker now transfers the title with the “&” sign.  
  • The inventory page now stays at the same location when selecting an item.
  • Corrected error that didn't sort items accurately on Date Last Listed (oldest) filter.
  • Delisted items are no longer considered stale listings 
  • Corrected error that didn't sync some items from Poshmark onto Vendoo.


Known issues we are working on

We are working on fixing the issue that prevents users from selecting the package weight on Facebook. We are trying to adapt the field according to the latest Facebook update. 


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