How to Avoid Burnout: Reseller Edition

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How to Avoid Burnout: Reseller Edition

We're living in the era of gig work, where technology has opened up avenues for earning additional income rather than getting another traditional 9-5 job. Reselling has emerged as a popular choice among the side hustles, especially with platforms like TikTok and YouTube assisting. However, before you decide to quit your job and fully commit to reselling (please don't), read this blog. It will help you avoid burnout from reselling and prevent you from regretting leaving your job.


Key Points:

  1. Burnout Awareness: Recognizing the signs and challenges of burnout is crucial, especially for resellers who often work independently. Taking breaks, diversifying activities, and setting boundaries can help prevent its onset.
  2. Efficient Workflow: For resellers, having an efficient workflow is essential. It not only streamlines the entire reselling process but also maximizes profits, reduces errors, and ensures consistent customer satisfaction.
  3. Continuous Learning and Adaptation: The reselling market is dynamic. Successful resellers invest time in continuous learning, understanding market trends, and adapting their strategies to stay ahead and maintain their passion.


Before we dive in, let's understand why so many resellers hit a burnout point. We'll break down the different phases of burnout and share some handy tips to avoid feeling swamped. It's all about getting to the heart of the issue and staying ahead of stress in the reselling game.


Table of Contents

  • Why Resellers Burnout
  • The Phases of Burnout
  • Practical Tips to Avoid Burnout

Why Resellers Burnout

To find the best fixes, we first need to dig into why resellers often feel super burned out:




High Expectations:

Newbies in the reselling game, easily dazzled by the flashy success stories on social media, usually expect quick and big wins. But let's be real: any venture has its ups and downs, with failures as frequent as wins. Building a successful business isn't an overnight gig; it's a marathon that demands continuous growth, flexibility, and grit.


Real Talk: If you're thinking about leaving your 9-5 job because you want to avoid working 8 hours, I have some disappointing news for you. Starting any business demands more than an 8-hour workday, and oftentimes, the efforts put in may not directly translate into financial compensation.


Treating It As a Hobby:

Reselling is not just about buying and selling; it requires strategic planning and organization. Many new resellers jump in without really knowing what they want or setting up a structured work routine, which can lead to outcomes and potential exhaustion. Having goals gives you a roadmap, and a set routine helps handle the wild ups and downs of reselling.


Growing Too Fast:

One common mistake that many new resellers often make is wanting to gain instant clout by taking on more inventory and operational costs than they can handle, ultimately leading to financial strain. However, they haven't yet perfected their standard operating procedures (SOPs), such as how to properly list and take photos, establish an effective organizational system, hire help, and more. Failure to take care of the internal backend of their reselling business can bring them closer to failure and headaches.


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Chasing Hot Items:

Chasing trending items in the reselling business can be a high-risk strategy. While they may offer quick profits, these trends are often short-lived, making this approach unsustainable over time. The real profitability lies in consistent, reliable sales from 'bread and butter' items - those products with steady demand. Identifying and focusing on these items can provide a more stable and sustainable income stream for resellers.


Sourcing Skills:

A big mistake in the reselling world is heavily relying on "cook groups" or what's hot right now, instead of getting good at finding and selling stuff on your own. Knowing what buyers want is key to selling the right things and keeping them coming back. Making friends with vendors or resellers can lead to better sourcing opportunities and deals. Being a problem solver helps, especially when things get tricky, like when a customer isn't happy or a sourcing vendor raises their prices. Therefore, while cook groups and trend lists can provide valuable insights, they should complement, not replace, the development of these essential skills.



Reselling, like any other solo entrepreneurial venture, can sometimes feel isolating. The absence of a traditional office environment or team can lead to feelings of loneliness. This is why it is crucial to establish connections within the reselling community or find an accountability partner. These connections not only provide social interaction but also offer valuable advice, support, and motivation, which can be instrumental in driving business success.


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The Phases of Burnout

Before diving into the prevention strategies, it's essential to recognize the stages of burnout:


The Honeymoon Phase:


reselling business


This is when you're excited about reselling. It's like every time you pick something up from a thrift store, you've struck gold, and every sale feels like a big win. Everything is so fun that the tough parts of the business barely seem to matter. But it's also a key time to get real about what to expect and make a solid game plan for the future.


Onset of Stress:

As the initial excitement of reselling begins to fade, the reality of the business operations starts to set in. The thrill of sourcing items and making sales is gradually replaced by the pressure of consistently finding valuable items, meticulously listing them for sale, and ensuring they are shipped promptly and correctly. These responsibilities can be demanding and time-consuming, leading to a sense of burden and stress. It's during this phase that perseverance and efficient operational strategies become crucial for maintaining momentum and success in the reselling business.


Chronic Stress:

Chronic stress in the reselling business can occur when the demands and pressures of sourcing, listing, and shipping become too overwhelming to manage. This can lead to neglecting self-care routines as the business consumes more time and energy, which can further exacerbate the stress. The constant fatigue and pressure might also cause a decrease in productivity and enjoyment in the business. It's critical during this phase to recognize these signs of chronic stress and take steps to address them, such as implementing better time management strategies or seeking support where needed.



At this stage, there's a noticeable detachment and lack of enthusiasm toward the reselling business. The initial excitement that once kept you motivated seems to have evaporated, potentially replaced by feelings of resentment or indifference towards the act of reselling itself. This could be due to the accumulated stress from the constant demands of the business or a sense of burnout from the repetitive tasks. It's crucial during this phase to take a step back, reassess your business model, and find ways to reignite the passion that got you started in the first place.




Practical Tips to Avoid Burnout

As we tackle the tough stuff of burnout, let's dive into some handy tips to keep it at bay and keep things balanced in our lives:


reseller goals


  1. Set Realistic Goals: While it's tempting to source every day and list dozens of items, it's essential to set achievable targets. This ensures you don't overextend yourself.
  2. Schedule Breaks: Just like any job, take regular breaks. Whether it's a 15-minute walk or a weekend getaway, time away can recharge your batteries.
  3. Do Things You Enjoy: Instead of always working day in and day out, consider picking up a new hobby. Or do something that you enjoy that is not related to thrifting or reselling. Diversifying your activities can improve cognitive abilities, keeping your mind sharp.
  4. Connect with Fellow Resellers: Join online groups or forums where you can share experiences, vent frustrations, and get advice.
  5. Prioritize Self-Care: Remember, your well-being is paramount. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep can work wonders.
  6. Seek Feedback: Sometimes, an outsider's perspective can provide invaluable insights. Whether it's a friend or a fellow reseller, don't hesitate to ask for feedback.

Avoiding Burnout FAQ


How can resellers set boundaries to ensure work-life balance, especially when working from home?


Here are two things that can help you achieve work-life balance:

A dedicated workspace: This helps mentally separate "work time" from "personal time." When you leave this space, work ends.

Working hours: Just because you're working from home doesn't mean you should be working all the time. Set specific start and end times for your workday.


What strategies have successful resellers implemented to maintain their passion and avoid feeling overwhelmed?


Here are three (3) strategies that successful resellers implement:

Efficient workflow: Streamlines the process from sourcing items to making sales, ensuring efficiency and maximizing profits. It minimizes errors, saves time, and allows resellers to focus on growth opportunities. Moreover, a well-structured workflow reduces stress and ensures consistent customer satisfaction, vital for long-term success in the reselling business.

Delegate tasks: As the business grows, it's essential to delegate tasks like listing, packaging, or customer service. This allows resellers to focus on what they love most about the business.

Always evolving and adapting: The world of reselling is always changing. Top resellers make it a point to keep learning, stay on top of what's trending, and tweak their game plan to stay in the lead and keep their fire burning.


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