Get Serious About Essentials Clothing: Fear of God vs. Faux

Get Serious About Essentials Clothing: Fear of God vs. Faux

Fear of God Essentials is a popular streetwear brand that has gained a massive following since its inception. However, as with any popular brand, counterfeiters have flooded the market with fake products that look deceptively similar to the real thing. As a fan of Fear of God Essentials loungewear sets, it's crucial to know how to spot a fake product. This blog will show you how to distinguish between authentic and counterfeit Fear of God Essentials, so you can ensure that you're only purchasing genuine products.


Before we get into Essentials 101, here's the latest on Fear of God:


Fear of God Athletics: A Closer Look at the adidas Collaboration


After nearly three years of anticipation, Fear of God Athletics, the collaboration between Fear of God (FOG) and adidas, has finally stepped into the spotlight. This athletics-focused collection, previously teased through various channels, including runway shows and founder Jerry Lorenzo's personal style, has now been officially presented to the world. The debut took place through a sepia-toned lookbook and a pop-up event in Los Angeles, offering enthusiasts the chance to purchase pieces from the collection until December 3 at 751 S Mission Road.


The collaboration features a footwear lineup comprising two sneakers and a pair of slides. The black and grey basketball sneaker, as worn by Lorenzo courtside, boasts a sleek, minimal design with a sock-like construction and a distinctive, translucent sole unit. The low-top sneaker options, resembling a stripped-back take on the adidas Forum, showcase similar aesthetics with simplified paneling and a brown-colored suede upper. Additionally, a brown-colored running shoe deviates from the basketball theme, drawing inspiration from adidas' late 20th-century running shoes.


Beyond footwear, Fear of God Athletics introduces athleisure in FOG's signature neutral brown colors, including tracksuits with a boxy fit and other key pieces that echo the collection's ethos: classic sportswear elevated with a touch of luxury, oversized shapes, and the unmistakable FOG design language. As Jerry Lorenzo describes it, the "third pillar" of Fear of God has officially arrived, solidifying its place alongside the mainline and FOG ESSENTIALS.


Here's a look at staple pieces from the collaboration with adidas: Fear of God Athletics

fear of god athletics adidasfear of god athletics adidas

fear of god athletics adidasfear of god athletics adidas


Essentials Clothing Authenticity Checklist


Before diving into details, here's a quick checklist to follow when examining Fear of God Essentials products:


  • Check the tag for the logo, size, and material composition

  • Look at the stitching for quality and consistency

  • Check the material for heavy, high-quality cotton blend

  • Examine specific design details such as the shape of the hood, length of the drawstrings, and placement of pockets

  • Compare to official photos for consistency with the real product



Step 1: Examine the Packaging


The first step in checking the authenticity of Fear of God Essentials is to look at the packaging. Genuine products come with high-quality packaging, which includes a sturdy box with the brand's logo and product details printed on it. In contrast, counterfeit products often have flimsy packaging that doesn't match the quality of the original.


Note that if the item comes with packaging while thrifting or purchasing from a secondhand marketplace, FOG Essential hoodies plastic bags are more smoked or non-transparent, unlike the fake or replica plastic bags.

Step 2: Inspect the Tags


Another telltale sign of fake Essentials clothing is the tags. Authentic products come with tags that are well-made and feature the brand's logo. The font on the tags is also clean and clear. In contrast, counterfeit products often have tags that are poorly made, with blurry or smudged printing.


One of the easiest ways to spot a fake Essentials Hoodie is by examining the neck tags. The fake hoodie may have a neck tag that looks similar, but it will likely have spelling mistakes, incorrect sizing information, or different care instructions. In some cases, the tag may be missing altogether.


The neck tags of an authentic FOG Essentials hoodie feature embossed and distinct text. Additionally, the lettering on genuine FOG Essentials hoodies is thinner compared to the replica versions, further emphasizing the distinction between the two.


If purchasing from a secondhand marketplace such as GOAT or Grailed, ask for images of tags if not already displayed in the listing!


essentials tagPhoto credit: RJ at Dype


Step 3: Look at The Logo


The Fear of God Essentials logo is another critical element to examine when checking for authenticity. Authentic products have a clean and clear logo printed on the garment. The stitching on the logo is also neat and even. In contrast, counterfeit products often have logos that are poorly made, with uneven stitching and thicker lettering.


Don't skip paying extra attention to the spacing between letters, particularly in these bold areas: ESSENTIALS


The spacing is found to be wider between these letters on fake Essential hoodies.


Step 4: Check the Quality of the Material


One of the most significant differences between authentic and counterfeit Fear of God Essentials products is the quality of the material. Authentic products are made from high-quality materials, such as soft cotton and a cotton blend at that. If you see '100% Cotton,' exercise caution. The stitching is also neat and even, and the garment should feel substantial in your hands. In contrast, counterfeit products often use cheaper materials that feel flimsy and low-quality. You can feel the difference in the weight and plushness of the item if it's a hoodie. T-shirts will also feel less substantial and on the thinner side if fake.


Step 5: Look for Other Details


Finally, there are several other details to look at when checking for the authenticity of Fear of God Essentials. For example, authentic products have clean and even seams, while counterfeit products often have sloppy or uneven stitching. Can you see the difference in this great example?


essentials tagPhoto credit: RJ at Dype

The Essentials clothing badge is also a great place to start when determining faux vs. real FOG. The coloring of the badge and letters, as well as how clean the stitching is, can almost instantly give away a fake in many cases. On an authentic FOG Essentials hoodie, the badge will have tight, consistent, and tonal stitching.


You should also check the zippers, buttons, and other hardware, when applicable, which should all be high-quality.


Following these steps, you can easily distinguish between authentic and fake Fear of God Essentials products. Remember that authentic products come with high-quality packaging, well-made tags, clean and clear logos, and high-quality materials. By checking these details, you can ensure that you only purchase genuine Fear of God Essentials products and avoid getting scammed by counterfeiters.


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Stay vigilant, and happy reselling!

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