Everything You Need to Know About Bazar Wholesale For Resellers

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Everything You Need to Know About Bazar Wholesale For Resellers

📣 Attention Resellers: Bazar is reinventing sourcing and redefining the product lifecycle - and we’re obsessed! 


Bazar is not your typical wholesale company for resellers; they do it differently and better than the rest.


With Bazar, there are no surprises, no flaws, custom quantities, and premium inventory. Source sustainably and affordably with this new wholesale company. 


Here’s everything you need to know about Bazar wholesale:

What is Bazar Wholesale?

You’ve likely heard about Bazar wholesale with so many resellers sharing unboxing videos across socials. 


Bazar is wholesale reimagined. Bazar is a sustainability-first company that partners with top brands to curate ready-to-ship premium inventory for resellers, and a great resource that makes sourcing accessible and easy for every kind of reseller 


Everything on Bazar is brand new with tags, shipped directly from the brand or manufacturer! Unlike liquidation companies, or other methods of sourcing like digging through bins or buying pallets, Bazar does not sell returns or flawed items. However, you can feel good knowing that you are rescuing products that would otherwise become textile waste! 


With Bazar, you choose your own pieces. No surprises! You can purchase individual items, 2-2-2 packs, or larger lots of multi-quantity. Multi-quantity items provide an opportunity to capitalize your time with one listing and multiple units!


The best part is the prices! Bazar pricing is up to 95% off MSRP!  😮


Fun fact: Co-founders Annie and Kevin created Bazar after witnessing a fashion brand in LA with over 60,000 of perfectly good overstock headed for landfill. Recognizing the escalating issue of overstock due to rapidly changing trends, Bazar was founded as a sustainable solution to benefit both the brand and the buyer.

What Can You Source on Bazar?

On Bazar, you can source quality, brand-new inventory from popular brands. Bazar currently partners with 27 brands, and they’re adding more vendors every week!


Check out this Bazar haul unboxing from the brand Halara. 😍

Bazar works with mostly fashion brands, featuring clothing and accessories from brands like Halara, Tommy Hilfiger, Cider, Sans Soucci, Paper Crane, and more! See the complete brand list here.


You can sort and filter by category, size, quantity, and features, hand-selecting the pieces you want. No surprises means you’re guaranteed to love it all! 🤗


While much of the inventory is overstock, it is brand new, unworn, trending, and current. Everything is carefully curated for resellers to maximize profit!


Fun fact: At the time of this publication, Bazar has already saved nearly 16 thousand pieces of clothing from the landfill! Their mission is to keep clothes from becoming waste! ♻️


Bazar drops new brands and products all the time! Be sure to subscribe to texts and join their Facebook Group for product announcements and special offers!

How Do I Sign Up for Bazar?

Creating a Bazar account takes only a few moments. 


Once you sign up for an account, you will be prompted to fill out an application. Once you’re approved, you can start shopping their thousands of products right away.


Sourcing on Bazar for Resellers

You can search the site by style or brand. Sort and filter to browse selections based on your preferences.


Here are a few tips and tricks for sourcing on Bazar wholesale:


Bazar wholesale


  1. Stay tuned to new drops. New “drops” (when new items are stocked or a new brand is announced) are the best time to rush to Bazar for the best and newest inventory.

  2. Order quantities. Most items can be purchased individually, in 2-2-2 packs, or in even larger bundles. Buying multiples is a great way to work more efficiently; one listing - but numerous sales!

  3. Be mindful of minimums. Some brands require a minimum order value. They’re generally under $50, but keep it in mind as you browse!

  4. Refer to your Order Page/Email. Bazar provides you with the brand’s full name of the item (and images). This makes researching and listing so much easier! 


Want to see more? Bazar shares upcoming products and tons of haul videos from resellers on their Instagram! Plus, multiple quantities allow me to work more efficiently. 



Why I Love Bazar Wholesale:

I have purchased seven orders from Bazar to date, and it has already revolutionized my sourcing model! Bazar inventory is trendy, brand new, and priced to flip. 


Fun fact: I crosslist with Vendoo, and my Bazar inventory is selling on Poshmark, Depop, Instagram, Mercari, and eBay! 🔥


Bazar is an excellent and sustainable way to supplement my thrifting! With the rising costs of literally everything, I appreciate the fast flips with a decent profit. 


If you’re trying to scale your inventory volume, you can source online and hand-select brand-new inventory!  Traditional wholesale companies involve gambling on a mystery, a substantial flaw rate, a higher cost, and no guarantee of ROI (return on investment). Bazar has solved all of these issues with the perfect solution for resellers! 


Bazar is a perfect match for live sellers who constantly need new and trending inventory! 


Sound too good to be true? It’s not! It really is amazing. See for yourself with $10 off your first order! Thank us later!


Have you shopped Bazar? Tell us how much you love it below! 

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