Vendoo Monthly Product Updates for December 2022

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Vendoo Monthly Product Updates for December 2022

December is here, and although we are wrapping up the year, our team is not winding down and keeps working hard to give you the platform your reselling business deserves. So before 2022 ends, we want to show you the last product updates of the year. And get you excited about what’s coming in 2023.


Let us show you the impact of your reseller community this year with some numbers. Today, the Vendoo community has more than 40k members who have cross-listed more than 15 million items in 2022 using the platform. Our users represent small, medium, and big reselling businesses. Benefits from resellers also continued to grow with a 10% efficiency improvement in the sale process!

On the product side, we’ve launched many useful new features that have made reselling faster, easier, and more flexible. We’ve also created the first crosslisting app for resellers to manage the business on the go. If you didn’t have the time to read all the blog posts we shared, here’s your chance to catch up.


Vendoo’s New Features And Improvements


December New Releases 

  • The photo manager tool is now available in the mobile app.
  • Vendoo’s referral program is accessible right from the platform.
  • New and improved labels manager, with more colors and bulk editor to add or remove labels to several items at once.

2022 biggest releases  

  • Vendoo beta mobile app launch for iOS and Android
  • Shopify and SellHound integration to our supported marketplaces
  • New marketplaces and features like Mark as Sold for the mobile app
  • Marketplaces fees being auto-calculated
  • Auto Clear and Sync for the importing page
  • Advanced filter for the inventory page


December Mobile and Desktop Improvements

  • Disabled ability to connect and list to Tradesy due to their migration to Vestaire Collective
  • Poshmark has extended the sizes under men’s categories, and these changes are reflected in vendoo
  • Sale records can be deleted from items when an item is refunded
  • Remove the warning about missing sale details in the mobile app when the information is complete
  • More marketplace options are available in the mark as a sold form, including Vestaire, OfferUp, Craiglist, and Thrilling


2022 Mobile and Desktop Biggest Improvements

  • Delisted items are no longer considered stale listings.
  • The tags feature automatically chooses the first few tags used when listing.
  • Improvements in the experience for Inventory and analytics pages.
  • Custom Vendoo labels can be filtered on the analytics page.
  • Included new Grailed's women category


Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes For December


  • Fixed the issue related to local pickup being the only option for shipping


  • eBay categories are updated in the form


  • All fields of the Poshmark form are transferred when copying and pasting


  • Corrected the problem about the category specifics not loading in the app form.
  • Fixed the issue with the importer on Mercari
  • Adjusted the error of brand categories not showing up on the listing when running the delist & relist process

General Issues 

  • The analytics page refreshes after sold items are removed.
  • The sale details screen displays the correct information.
  • Fixed the error that appears when a label was searched on a page different from inventory, and it said the label wasn't found, but it was.


That covers our 2022 roundup for December! Do you want to know what is coming in 2023? Keep an eye out for updates to the new Vendoo Chrome Extension, more automated features, new marketplaces, and more. Make sure you join our Facebook Group for weekly updates and behind-the-scenes information about what's happening at Vendoo! 

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