Crossposting: Importing Listings vs. Listing on Vendoo

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Crossposting: Importing Listings vs. Listing on Vendoo

If you sell things online, you have probably heard of Vendoo. Vendoo is a Seller’s Best Friend, offering crosslisting, inventory management, seller tools, bookkeeping, analytics, and more. Vendoo is most known for crosslisting, helping sellers to quickly take their listings from one marketplace, like Poshmark, and post to others, like eBay, Mercari, Etsy, and Depop, just to name a few.


Vendoo is the superior crosslisting service for online sellers. Of course, it does so much more than just crossposting, though!


In this article, we’ll talk about how to quickly create listings in Vendoo to list on multiple marketplaces with just a few clicks!


Getting Started Crossposting: How to Import Your Listings with Vendoo 


With Vendoo, you can easily import your active listings from reselling marketplaces including eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, Etsy, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, Kidizen, Shopify, and SellHound (more coming soon!) 

Importing is one of the first steps to getting started with Vendoo. Importing refers to bringing your listings into Vendoo, including your photos and listing information.



It’s that easy! Then, you can use Vendoo to crosslist your items on multiple marketplaces in just minutes! 


You’ll want to import all of your active listings so that you can crosslist, manage your inventory, delist/relist, mark items as sold, and have detailed sales analytics. But, moving forward, I highly recommend that you draft your new listings right in Vendoo!


Note: After importing, you will want to make sure the Vendoo form is complete for the best results and the fastest listing. Sometimes, some marketplaces do not require all of the information that others do (an example is how Poshmark doesn’t require shipping information). See below, as this is another reason why it is better to start your listings directly in Vendoo. 


How to List Faster By Creating Listings in Vendoo


Creating your listings in Vendoo is much faster and better.


Using Vendoo as your listing hub is so much faster than making them anywhere else because of the Vendoo tools, listing templates, and defaultable fields. 


Listing from Vendoo is the fastest way to list and crosslist, with a simple two-step process:



Step 1: Fill In The Vendoo Form 


The Vendoo form is a standard listing form where you enter the general information about your item including pictures, title, description, brand, size, condition, SKU, tags, and more!


vendoo listing form

Vendoo listing form

Vendoo listing form


The Vendoo form is designed to record almost all of the information that is required on all of the marketplaces. The key is to fill out the Vendoo form entirely. 


The magic really happens when you click “save”! Then, the information will be transferred over to your marketplace tabs.


But wait, it gets even better! 

Custom Listing templates make listing even faster!



With Vendoo, you can create your own listing templates for the different types of categories you sell. 


Listing templates allow you to save information in the Vendoo form about the item, so you don’t have to select or enter it each time you list. This cuts listing time in half!


With Vendoo, I’m spoiled. I could never list without templates, now! Here are how many templates I have!


Vendoo templates


Learn how to create and use listing templates here


For more information and step-by-step guides to all Vendoo features, check out our Help Center!






Step 2: The Marketplace Form(s)


Because all of the information from the Vendoo form trickles down to the marketplace forms, the only thing you’ll need to enter on any marketplace form(s), is only anything specific to that marketplace.


Defaultable fields make crosslisting even faster! 


Take, for example, the Poshmark marketplace form. See, all of the green checkmarks? Those are defaultable fields. Rather than having to enter these required specifics about shipping each and every time, you can set defaults in Vendoo for faster listing!


vendoo marketplace forms


Not only can you default a ton of fields, but Vendoo is also compatible with eBay business policies and Etsy Shipping Profiles!


See here on the eBay form, how when I start to type “sa-” the word “satin” auto-populates. This enables me to click “enter” for the field to complete and “tab” to advance to the next item specific.


Listing on Vendoo is lightning fast as you can start to type a letter or two of each field, then “enter,” “tab” and repeat! You can really zoom through listings with auto-population like this! It is so fast!


vendoo marketplace forms


Between listing templates, defaultable fields, and auto-populated fields, Listing from Vendoo is infinitely faster! With only a few clicks, if any, you can crosslist on 10 marketplaces! 


As an added bonus, listing from Vendoo guarantees that your photographs are hosted in their highest resolution. You might lose quite a bit of quality and resolution depending where you import from, because some of the marketplaces suppress your images. Vendoo doesn’t!


The entire process takes only a couple of moments and you can crosslist your items everywhere! Vendoo is by far the fastest listing and cross-listing experience.


If you’re not listing your items directly from Vendoo, try it today! Feel free to drop any questions below!

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