Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For August 2022

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Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For August 2022

Welcome back! Hopefully, you saw and took full advantage of July’s amazing releases. Here are the latest features and improvements. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions to build and improve our platform for you.

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Vendoo’s New Features And Improvements


  • Increased the number of labels allowed per account to 100.
  • Included Grailed’s new women’s category.


  • A warning message about unsaved changes is displayed when making changes to photos.
  • The data related to which marketplace an item was sold on is now integrated into the CSV downloadable sheet.


Beta Mobile App
    • Integrated many app experience improvements.
    • Fixed an error that came up after trying to connect Mercari.
    • Filters are now reloading after an inventory change.


Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes For The Month 


  • Solved the shipping issue that only allowed users to select “local shipping”.
  • Fixed errors related to the multi-delist and relist feature in the marketplace.


  • Fixed error that shows up when selecting items to import.
  • The mandatory error message in the delivery method input is showing correctly.


  • Corrected the tags being able to contain a dash “-” in Vendoo.
  • The Poshmark form now includes the option to save “Original Price” as default.


  • Solved issue that didn’t allow items to be imported.

General Issues 

  • Solved issue related to the analytics date selector not displaying date ranges consecutively.


Loving these improvements? Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or social media to let us know your favorite or any suggestions you have!

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