A Guide to Grailed Shipping: How to Use New Grailed Shipping Labels

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A Guide to Grailed Shipping: How to Use New Grailed Shipping Labels

Grailed sellers, Grailed recently announced some huge news that will change how you sell! 📣 All new listings shipping within the US will use Grailed Labels


This means that self-shipping is no longer an option on Grailed (for items shipped within the United States).


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Grailed Shipping Options 


Here is everything you need to know about how to ship on Grailed.


grailed help center

Photo from Grailed Help Center


Shipping on Grailed is now easier than ever! In an effort to make shipping faster, easier, and more predictable, Grailed announced the simplification of shipping for U.S. sellers! You no longer need to measure and weigh your orders! 👏🏽


Now, when you make a sale on Grailed, you’ll simply print a pre-paid Grailed label, and tracking will automatically update! It’s that simple!


Note: International orders or items weighing over 20 lbs are handled a bit differently. See below 👇


💡 How long does a seller have to ship on Grailed? Sellers have seven days from the date of purchase to add accurate tracking information and ship the item.

How To Ship on Grailed: A Step-by-Step


If you have never shipped with Grailed labels, it’s super easy and convenient:


First, let’s talk about U.S. sales and national shipping on Grailed:


When listing, there really isn’t anything to do- the approximate weight is no longer required.


grailed shipping

You will only choose whether to offer free shipping or charge for shipping


How to Offer Free Shipping on Grailed: 


If you want to offer free shipping to entice buyers, you simply check that off in the listing form. 


Note that if you opt to pay for shipping, the cost varies. You will not know the cost to you at the time of listing, because the shipping cost is based on the item and the buyer’s location. 


For reference, I toggled free shipping on a t-shirt, and the price displayed was $7. For a sweatshirt, it was $15. 


When you make a sale, you can download the label from Grailed


You’ll receive a sales notification where you can easily print your label, affix it to your package, and ship:


grailed shipping

Grailed labels are either USPS or UPS, and you can still pay for signature confirmation if you feel so inclined. 


💡Selling large and heavy items? Grailed labels are not available for parcels weighing over 20lbs. See below how to do self-shipping. 


Now, let’s talk about Grailed International Shipping:


International shipping is made simple on Grailed. On the listing form, you can customize the rate you will charge for shipping. 

grailed international shipping

If you’re unsure how much to enter in these fields, I recommend pricing on the higher side so that you don’t undercharge and eat too much of your profit.


You can use PirateShip to estimate shipping costs to various countries to get a better idea of market costs. Personally, I generally follow these parameters for my listings:


  • Under 4oz: $15 to Canada and $25 to other countries
  • 5oz-1lb: $20 to Canada and $50 to other countries
  • 1.1lb-2lb: $40 to Canada and $65 to other countries


💡Tip: I also put a note in my listing description encouraging buyers to message me for international shipping prices. With a buyer’s address, I can calculate an exact rate that is often better than my high estimates. 


Remember, these rules apply to items over 20 lbs as well, as those cannot be shipped with Grailed labels.




Grailed Labels: New Shipping Changes on Grailed


What is new? If you have been selling on Grailed for a while, here is what has changed as of late 2023: 


  1. All new listings shipping within the US will ship with prepaid shipping labels from Grailed

  2. If you have listings that offer self-shipping, Grailed will automatically change them at that time.

  3. All items under 20 lbs ship with a standard Grailed Label. You no longer need to weigh and measure your items!

  4. Grailed encourages sellers to charge shipping, but you can still offer free shipping in the listing form.

  5. Offers no longer require that the seller pays for the shipping out-of-pocket.

  6. International labels are still not supported by Grailed. This is true of items weighing over 20 lbs as well; in those cases, you will still have to do self-shipping with a service like PirateShipShippo, or Sendle.  

Vendoo users! Be assured that new Grailed shipping changes are integrated with your account for seamless listing and crosslisting! 🔥


You can learn more about Grailed shipping policies in the Grailed Help Center.    


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Do you have any tips or questions about Grailed shipping? Comment below! 👇🏽

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