Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For October 2021

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Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For October 2021

October delivered lots of treats for Halloween, both to costumed kids and our Vendoo users. In addition to all the fun contests and discounts Vendoo offered over the last month, we also had many product updates to keep our software running smoothly. In order to keep our community updated on all the work going on behind the scenes, we’ve put together this monthly blog post. Make sure to join our Facebook Group for weekly updates as well. 


Vendoo’s New Features And Improvements


  • Importing V2 made available to all users. This enhanced importing system is a great time-saver! 
  • Released SellHound Pricing Tool onto the Vendoo Website. 
  • Released a copy-and-paste option for Tradesy, Grailed, Kidizen, and Depop


  • When listing on Etsy, your images no longer automatically turn into square images. They will be uploaded without white borders. No need to crop your photos if your images aren’t squares.
  • Improved Facebook Marketplace category mapping to make importing easier.
  • Better error notifications when listing or delisting. A small notification message will slide in from the top right corner.
  • The size field on Depop is now being imported. 
  • Improvements to the keep delisting/relisting button while doing bulk actions. 


Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes For The Month 

  • Facebook:

    • Fixed the issue for users that weren't able to list due to an error with the shipping field
    • Fixed a syncing issue between the importer and FBMP
    • Corrected error where “allow offers” was not being transferred over on FBMP.
    • Improvements were made to support different account types.

  • Mercari:

    • Stopped multiple Mercari tabs from opening.
    • Copy and Paste issue for heel height and brand have been resolved. 
  • Poshmark:

    • Fixed issue creating duplicate Poshmark listings. 
  • Grailed:

    • Fixed the issue where the description field had no character limit. 
    • The shipping form is now empty when switching between Grailed accounts.
  • eBay:

    • Added missing condition fields on several categories.
  • Kidizen:

    • Removed quantity field 
  • Depop:

    • Resolved issue with assigning sub-categories. 
    • Resolved issue with price and date not showing up.
  • General issues:

    • Fixed the stale listing warning banner that was not showing for items that were last listed the same amount of days as the number of days that have to pass before showing the warning message.
    • Fixed the issue on the Importer where items were being synced but not shown on the list of items to import for Facebook.
    • Improved issue that made items “get stuck” in listing or delisting status. 
    • Fixed extension memory leak.
    • Fixed issue with sales data being erased when items are marked as “not listed”
    • Fixed issue where typed-in brands did not save to the Vendoo form.
    • Corrected issue that was sending an error message when users tried to “mark as sold on another platform.” 
    • Multiple Importer V2 bug fixes and improvements. 

Known issues we are working on:

  • Mercari category-specific fields take a long time to load. Doing a hard refresh helps correct this but we are improving this.
  • Facebook Shipping field is not loading causing listing errors.


We love to hear your ideas for new features so don’t be shy. Reach out to us via email or social media to let us know your thoughts. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks, videos, and announcements of these product updates in the future. 


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