Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For November 2021

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Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For November 2021

At Vendoo, we are constantly working to improve our software and make reselling easier for you. Make sure to join our Facebook Group for weekly updates on everything we’ve improved or fixed for the week. Once a month we like to round up all the changes in one convenient place for you. A lot of time in November was devoted to improving performance and working on some major features that were either released in November or will be released in the coming months. 


Vendoo’s New Features And Improvements


  • Templates are now available in Vendoo! Templates can be used to speed up listings when you sell multiples of the same product or sell items that are very similar to each other. Here is a short tutorial on how to use templates in Vendoo. 
  • Added the newest shipping option to the Mercari listing form.
  • Enabled users to copy their items from the item page.


  • Improved how fast new items appear on the inventory page.
  • Improved the “Date Listed (Oldest)” sort feature on the inventory page to be more accurate.
  • Added a “clear search” button in the new importer 
  • Improved the retry button after failed multi-relisting attempts. 
  • Stopped photos from being squared when listing to Etsy 
  • Improved listing attempt notifications


Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes For The Month 

  • Facebook:
    • During the week of Nov 16th some users were unable to post to Facebook Marketplace, this has been resolved. 
    • Facebook large inventory sync error, resolved. 
  • Mercari:
      • Corrected error “we do not have your listing ID to relist” when using bulk relist action. 
      • Users were unable to load category-specific fields in early November, this has been fixed. 
  • Poshmark:
    • Fixed issue where items not found on Poshmark were marked as “listed” on Vendoo
  • Tradesy:
    • Fixed issue where items were not delisting properly from Tradsey. 
  • eBay:
    • Corrected issue “unclosed root tag” that prevent item from being imported
  • Kidizen:
    • Fixed quantity field which was stopping listings from going through
  • Depop:
    • Improved the copy and paste feature on the Depop listing form. 
  • General issues:
    • Corrected issue where after doing a multi-relist action, users were taken back to the first page of inventory.  
    • Fixed issue where CPU usage was causing delays. 
    • Corrected a typo in a listing error that said “Grailed” when it should have said “Tradesy.” 
    • The image editor was causing errors on photos, this has been fixed. 

Known issues we are working on:

  • Some users are reporting issues listing onto Facebook Marketplace. We are continually working on keeping up with all the Facebook Marketplaces changes.


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