Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For August 2021

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Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For August 2021

The entire Vendoo team is dedicated to listening to our users and constantly improving our product to truly earn our place as a “Seller’s Best Friend.” In order to keep our community updated on all the work going on behind the scenes, we’ve put together this monthly blog post. Make sure to join our Facebook Group for weekly updates as well. 


Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes For The Month 

  • eBay:

      • Added the missing options on some of the eBay category-specific dropdowns. This was only affecting category specifics with over 100 options.
  • Mercari:

      • Corrected Mercari importing issues that prevent some items from being imported.
      • Improved the reliability of listing on Mercari related to brand/category issues some users were experiencing.
  • Poshmark:

      • Fixed the issue where the secondary Color field did not transfer from the Vendoo Listing Form to the Poshmark Listing form 

  • Etsy:

      • Improved the description formatting issues when importing from Etsy

  • General issues:

      • Improved the reliability of the image uploading process for the Vendoo listing form

Known issues we are working on:

  • Depop listing errors. Users are not able to list on Depop at the moment. We are waiting for the extension store to approve our update. We hope they finalize the review by the end of the week
    • If this is crucial to your business, please reach out to for a workaround we have. 

Vendoo’s New Features And Improvements For August 2021

  • Facebook Marketplace got an overhaul, implementing several changes that greatly improved the functionality and success rate of the listing. We hope you have noticed the improvements. Happy listing! 😃
  • Poshmark’s NWT field is no longer mandatory, this was updated on the Vendoo side
  • Added capability to allow $1 listing on Mercari
  • Added new Style Name field to the Tradesy listing form 


September is going to be an exciting month with several highly anticipated features being released very soon! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for sneak peeks, videos, and announcements of these product updates that are guaranteed to make your listing process even faster and more efficient.

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