Reseller Events: Virtual and Live Events You Can't Miss

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Reseller Events: Virtual and Live Events You Can't Miss

If you are a reseller, you likely know that there is a large and growing community of ecommerce resellers. With social media, we're all able to easily connect for sharing tips and tricks and networking.  There are so many virtual and live events hosted each year to provide learning, and mingling to make connections and friends in the industry.


Reseller events are fun! It is nice to meet like-minded people and to learn from successful resellers throughout the world! Not only are these events very informational, but they provide a chance for business networking and making friends!  


Here's a list of some upcoming live and virtual reseller events that you shouldn't miss. 


LIVE Reseller Events:


1. Poshfest

Poshfest is an annual two-day conference hosted by Poshmark. Poshfest is a giant Poshmark party featuring resellers, representatives from reselling companies and industry leaders. Poshfest features networking opportunities, closet consultations, speaking panels, and social gatherings! Learn more here.


  • What: Poshfest 2021
  • When: October 8-9, 2021
  • Where: Orlando, Florida


2. Pre-Poshfest Party 

This year, I am excited to be one of the hosts of the official Pre-Poshfest Party 2021. The Posh N’ Sip Party with team Posh will feature networking, giveaways, guest speakers and more! There will be live interviews on the Pink Carpet and a portion of proceeds from the event are being donated to Breast Cancer Research. The Pre-Poshfest Party is being hosted by a team of Poshmark sellers including myself, Daneen, Reneé, Rocky, Jen, Terrylynn, Mary, and Maylene! The event is sponsored by Vendoo, eBliss Reseller Solutions, Jomar, and several other reseller companies and Poshmark Ambassadors! Reserve your ticket here


  • What: The Official Pre-Poshfest Party
  • When: October 7, 2021
  • Where: Orlando, Florida


Be on the lookout for an exclusive giveaway including a Poshfest ticket!


2. Seller's Summit

Sellers Summit is the “ultimate ecommerce learning experience” for inspiration, networking, business knowledge, and growth. The conference features industry leaders and specialists, speaking panels, and informational sessions. 


  • What: Seller’s Summit
  • When: May 4-6, 2022
  • Where:  Ft. Lauderdale Florida


3. Thrift Con

Thrift Con is the nation’s premier vintage clothing and collectible sale, featuring vendors from around the world! Thrift Con is a resellers’ pop-up shop for networking and selling merchandise. The events are a blast, and travel all around the country. Be on the lookout for the next event here.


  • What: Thrift Con
  • When: TBA
  • Where: Locations Vary


4. The Etsy Up Conference 

The Etsy Up Conference hosted by Etsy, celebrating the community and creativity. Etsy Up features keynote speakers, inside tips, and opportunities for networking and business growth. Etsy Up promotes creativity and features sellers with inspiring success stories.


  • What: Etsy Up Conference
  • When: August 11-12, 2021
  • Where: New York (Sold Out) and virtually. 


5. eBay Open

eBay features many seller events including eBay Open, an annual eBay seller conference for data, insights, training sessions, and keynote speakers. eBay open features industry leaders, seller information panels, question and answer breakouts, and more!


  • What: eBay Open 2022
  • When: TBA
  • Where: TBA


6. Seller Check-In Seminars by eBay

eBay also hosts monthly Seller Check-In Seminars to announce the latest marketplace updates, provide tactical selling tips, and host question and answer sessions.  Sign up for the virtual September Seller Check-In here


  • What: eBay September Seller Check-In
  • When: September 30, 2021
  • Where: Virtual

Virtual Community To Connect With Other Resellers:


Many resellers partake in reselling courses, reselling accountability groups, regular Zoom sessions, and Clubhouse conversations and events. There are always a group of resellers up to having a shoe cleaning party on Zoom, or even better, a cocktail hour.


If you’re looking to connect with resellers from home, there are so many forums on social media for connection.


1. Facebook Groups

Join Facebook Groups. There are several reselling Facebook Groups. Just go on Facebook under “Groups” and search for “Poshmark”, “eBay”, “Vintage”, or whichever types of groups you would like to connect with. While you’re there, be sure to join the Facebook Group Vendoo: A Seller’s Best Friend.


2. Instagram Community

Explore the Instagram Community. Instagram is an amazing place to learn about reseller productivity, Be-on-the-lookout (“Bolo”) brands, and to connect with resellers from around the world. To connect with other resellers on Instagram, follow hashtags that relate to your reselling business, such as #resellercommunity, #resellertips, #poshmark, and of course #vendoo.


3. Clubhouse

Join Clubhouse. There is an active community of resellers on Clubhouse. Download clubhouse here and be sure to sign up for the Online Resellers Club, the Poshmark Club, and the Vendoo Club to be notified of Clubhouse events and discussion groups!


4. YouTube

Youtube is another place for amazing reseller content and resources. There are many resellers on eBay producing valuable content. Be sure to check out the Vendoo Youtube!


Have you participated in any of these events or communities before? Leave your comments below! 

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