Top-Selling Items on Mercari in 2022

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Top-Selling Items on Mercari in 2022

Mercari is a great place to sell items online, with over 250 thousand new items listed every day. According to a recent press report, Mercari now has 20 million active users in the United States, representing rapid company growth and an expanding audience. Creating a Mercari account takes only seconds, and the app is simple and user-friendly. 


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You can sell almost anything on Mercari, and the top-selling categories are remarkably similar to those on eBay. 


Here is a guide about what to sell on Mercari in 2022


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Mercari Best-Sellers 


It should be noted that Mercari does not publish their top-selling items, brands, or categories. The information below is based on my research, user reports, and the promoted categories featured on the app and mobile website: 


     1. Electronics 


Electronics are a top-selling category on every platform that allows the sale of them. On Mercari especially, small electronics are fast sellers! 


Make sure to list your items such as cameras, phones, tablets, and headphones. Do not forget that electronic cases and accessories sell well, too! 


In particular, video gaming systems and games are always being promoted on the Merari app. 


If you have old electronics or media lying around, you might be surprised as to how much you can yield for those items (especially ones that are no longer made). 


To see what items are selling for on Mercari, perform a search and see the results! 


Seller Tip: Make sure that you test all electronics to make sure they are working, and clear out your personal data with a factory reset before sending!


       2. Apparel

Men’s, Women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories are top-sellers on Mercari, although you can expect to yield a slightly lower profit for them in comparison with other fashion-specific marketplaces. With low selling fees, you might not mind that at all!


I recommend that you cross-list all of your clothing and fashion accessories to Mercari, but perhaps prioritize by desirability. Higher end and trendy fashion will sell quickly anywhere, and Mercari is a great place to sell designer and luxury handbags with low selling fees.


Did you know that Mercari has an authentication service called Mercari Authenticate? 


With Mercari authenticate, you can have your items authenticated by Mercari! For most items, the service is free (for others, it is only $5). It is simple to have your items authenticated: you just snap a few photos, and submit for review. Once Mercari confirms authentication, a badge will appear on your items confirming authenticity. Buyers will see the badge (and buyers can even search by only items that have been confirmed as authentic). This service is great and super affordable!

      3. Toys and Games 

Children’s toys and games are top-selling categories on Mercari! Selling unwanted toys can be a great way for parent resellers to clear out and recoup some of the cash spent on toys our children never played with (hehe). 


There are timeless games and toys such as board games and LEGOs that will always be in demand. Toy sales can also be based on trends and pop culture as well. To get a good idea of what toys are popular, browse Amazon!


      4. Home Decor

“Home” is a top-selling category on Mercari as well, referring to home basics such as linens and dinnerware, and small appliances as well as home decor. 


Top-sellers in the home decor category include wall art, decorative accents, picture frames and blankets. While home decor sales are heavily based on trends, there are classic styles that will sell, too! 


Branded items such as Rae Dunn fly on Mercari. It is harder to sell brandless items on Mercari than other platforms, but make sure you maximize your description and use hashtags based on style to attract potential buyers. 


Vintage and retro home decor is trending, and Mercari is promoting the “vintage” category lately! 


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      5. Sporting Equipment

Finally, sporting equipment is a top-seller. Sporting equipment is often very pricey, and savvy buyers are looking for the best deals possible! So pull out the old golf clubs and baseball glove, and get them listed on Mercari!


Be mindful of the season when prioritizing outdoor sporting goods and equipment. 


Selling super large or heavy items? Did you know that Mercari local allows you to sell these items locally without having to meet up with people? Mercari uses Uber as a delivery service to facilitate the local sale of items. Learn more here.  

Do you sell on Mercari? What are your top-selling categories? Tell us below! 

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