Top 5 Sales Methodologies for High-Volume Resellers

High-Volume Sellers
Top 5 Sales Methodologies for High-Volume Resellers

Are you looking to increase your sales? Discover top sales methodologies for high-volume resellers in this in-depth analysis and optimize your strategy now.


A Close Look At The Top Five Best Sales Methodologies Today 


Are you a reselling rockstar juggling thousands of listings on multiple platforms? Do you dream of streamlining your process and watching those sales numbers soar?  If you answered yes (and who wouldn't!), then get comfy because you’ll want to read this blog article to the end. 


We understand the unique challenges high-volume resellers face. With a small team and a massive inventory, it's easy to get bogged down in the daily grind. But fear not! Here are five field-tested sales methodologies to help you transform your hustle into a well-oiled sales machine.


What Is A Sales Methodology?


Many smaller resellers start out by just winging it. They figure out sourcing, listing, and sales methods as they go. Once they level up and are listing upwards of 1,000 new items per month, they need to have a solid plan of action. 


Think of it like this: You wouldn't navigate a maze blindfolded, right? A reseller sales methodology provides the structure and strategies to guide you through the online selling journey. It helps you understand what makes your target audience tick; their buying habits, the features they crave, and any potential hesitations they might have. It also helps you source better, list faster, and make more sales. 


By incorporating a strong methodology, you'll create a seamless flow from sourcing that hidden gem to hitting that "confirmed ship" button. 


Exploring The Top Five Most Popular Sales Methodologies For High-Volume Sales


Let’s focus on four popular science-backed sales techniques that will help high-volume sellers gain consistent income. We’ll also discuss a back-room methodology that will help you streamline and improve your sales process. With these five methodologies in mind, you’re sure to grow your revenue quickly. 



#1. Creating A Simple, Repeatable System For Sourcing, Listing, And Selling


At this business level, you need to have a well-defined schedule that sets up exactly how much time you will spend researching, sourcing, prepping, listing, promoting, and shipping each day.


Many large-scale resellers say that they spend the majority of their time researching and sourcing the perfect items. The listing process itself can be streamlined and even hired out. Having plenty of in-demand inventory at the lowest possible out-of-pocket cost is really the key to success. 


Pro Tip: Leverage technology, automation, and sales tools like Vendoo Enterprise to take care of simple repetitive tasks that will free up a ton of valuable time. 



#2. Target Account Selling


The Target Account Selling Methodology is based on finding the right audience for your inventory. You’ll want to analyze if there is an opportunity for sales with this target audience and if you can be competitive in the niche. 


  • Here are some questions you can ask yourself when implementing this strategy: 
  • Does this audience have a problem or need that I can supply?
  • Does this audience have the funds to purchase my inventory?
  • How motivated is this audience to buy?
  • What is the best way to reach this audience?
  • How much competition is there from other sellers targeting this audience?
  • Is this audience profitable enough? 


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#3. The Sandler Sales Method


The Sandler Sales Method has been around for a long time and generally relates to account—or service-based selling, but some of its principles can easily be applied to reselling. 


It’s a well-known fact that people purchase from sellers they trust. The Sandler method helps you capitalize on this information by positioning yourself as the authority in your sales niche. 


You can build a bond with your audience by promoting your products online or on social media and informing them about the type of items you resell. You can also deepen this bond of trust by creating clear listings with detailed information and providing excellent customer service. This will ensure that buyers leave positive reviews, which will lead to more sales. 



#4. SNAP Selling 


SNAP stands for:

  • Keeping the sales process (S)imple
  • Being i(N)valuable to the buyer
  • Always (A)ligning with the buyer’s priorities
  • Raising the right (P)riorities that make it easy for the buyer to say yes


To relate the SNAP method to reselling, focus on how you can make the buying process easier for the customer. This could be as simple as detailed photos, measurements, and other item details, easy return policies, and more. You can also provide several ways to buy your inventory, such as selling on multiple platforms or providing live sales as well as marketplace sales. 



#5. Customer Centric Sales 


Being customer-centric is exactly what it sounds like; putting the customer first always. When you source, think like your target customer. When you list, think like a buyer and be mindful of how they search. When you handle customer service, always make sure the buyer comes out feeling like they’ve won or gotten a fair deal. 

When dealing directly with customers, make sure that you are creating trust by being open to listening to their concerns. If you have to question them, lead with curiosity and avoid judgment. Finally, learn as much as possible about your target customers by actively listening to them and “hanging out” where they tend to be online. 


While selling hundreds or even thousands of units a month can be daunting, having processes and methodology in place can help you simplify your business and make it easier to hire someone who can replicate your processes and mindset. 

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