Vendoo Monthly Product Updates for September + October 2022

Seller's Corner
Vendoo Monthly Product Updates for September + October 2022

Welcome back! We launched new features over the last two months that we know will make your reselling experience with Vendoo even better than before. Our mission is always to help our resellers build their business, so we appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we build and improve our platform.

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Vendoo’s New Features And Improvements


New Releases 🎉

  • Advanced filters: This feature enables you to filter the inventory in multiple ways to enhance your business organization. 
  • Mark as sold in the mobile app: Now you can mark your listings as sold on the go and delist them from all remaining marketplaces right from the Vendoo mobile app.

Mobile and Desktop Improvements 🎯

  • CSV download is now exporting all items.
  • Updated Filters by status in the mobile app.
  • Integrated many mobile app experience improvements.


Take A Look At Vendoo’s Bug Fixes 


  • Fixed error related to the importing URL of an item.


  • Fixed the error that did not let users list on eBay.
  • Solved the error related to the SKUs field in the mobile app.


  • New brands have been added to the form.


  • Updated the transaction fees to auto-calculate the cost of the platform.
  • The connection issue updated.
  • Occasion labels are included in the Depop form.
  • The Free shipping option is now included.
  • Duplicates are no longer showing on Depop.
  • Fixed the brand error message that showed up when trying to relist or delist.

General Issues 

  • Solved issues related to the filters not selecting correctly. 
  • Fixed the error where the URL and the icon on the Inventory didn't appear while listing.
  • Analytics is now displaying the correct information for sales.
  • The listing status is automatically updated after marking it as sold.


Loving these improvements? Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or social media to let us know your favorite or any suggestions you have!

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