Poshfest 2023 Recap: New Features Coming to Poshmark

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Poshfest 2023 Recap: New Features Coming to Poshmark

Poshfest is Poshmark’s annual convention. This year, it was a two-day conference in San Diego, jam-packed with sessions and fun. 


Missed Poshfest? We’ve got you. Team Vendoo was there, and we’re here to report the highlights, including our favorite sessions and the new features announced at the annual Hackathon!


Poshfest Highlights 


The theme of Poshfest 2023 is It’s Your Time to Shine ✨


Poshfest was a great time to connect, chat with the engineering team, network with sellers, and watch informational settings. Here are some of our favorites.


Introduction by Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra 


Day 1 started with “The State of the Posh Union” by CEO Manish Chandra. Manish spoke about the growth and scale of Poshmark over the years. 



Fun Fact: Poshmark has 100 million community members, over 300 million items sold, and over 5 billion dollars sold by the seller community to date. 


Manish spoke about the company’s acquisition in 2022 by the company Naver, and the technological advancements and resources that have been a result for the Poshmark community.


He also hinted at some new features being released, see the Hackathon session below to learn more!


Poshmark and Vendoo

Erynn and Josh from Team Vendoo with Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra in San Diego.

Posh Lives! Live Selling on Poshmark Sessions


From 0 to $100K: How 6-Figure Sellers Used Posh Shows to Scale Their Business


Undoubtedly the most inspirational session was on the mainstage with three live Poshmark Sellers Andrea Carlos, Aurora Lopez-Szpak “Mama,” and Nadia Rachal.


These ladies took the stage to explain how they went from the nerves of their first live sales to surpassing six figures in live sale revenue.


Andrea and her husband, parents of two, switched their business model entirely to live-selling and have achieved great success in their consistent live schedule and curated finds. Nadia traded her Ivy League corporate lifestyle to be her own boss and reach greater success as a live seller entrepreneur. Aurora, “Mama,” vulnerably shared her journey of finding confidence and strength to go outside of her comfort zone in the live selling sphere. Each of these ladies epitomizes empowerment and entrepreneurship, a true inspiration to the audience. 

Posh Shows: Tips and Tricks for Live Selling on Poshmark!


On the Main Stage, in the session “Posh Shows Master Class: Becoming a Posh Shows Superstar Host,”  we heard from Brad and Jon, “The Posh Kings,” and top-seller Megan Morris with tips and tricks to holding successful live sales on Poshmark. 


The main tips were about staying organized, keeping the energy, and hosting a successful show. The hosts explained how to show inventory, manage the chat and logistics, engage with the audience, and facilitate sales simultaneously. In the live Q&A, they took questions from the audience! 


The Posh Shows Studio: Lights, Camera, Auction!


In the Posh Live Studio, Pro Live Sellers Alexandra Mahl, Chanel Armstrong, and Missy Gibson hosted live sales in real time to show how it’s done. 


In fact, there were Poshmark Lives going on throughout Poshfest. The Live Studio was prepped with a beauty bar, show stage, and shipping station where sellers would participate in live events and even auction their items by team Posh! 


Tip: If you’re a live seller on Poshmark, check out the new features they released for Posh shows in the Hackathon (below).


Poshmark x Goodwill: Posh Sourcing & Thrifting Tips 


In the Sunset Room, we caught the session “Stand Out and Stand Apart: LIVE Become an Inventory Expert with Goodwill.” Tina Nguygen, Director of Marketing, George Burt COO, and Alison Lyness, Director of Retail Business Development, gave some of their best sourcing tips.


The panel talked about trend-spotting, the emphasis of style over brand, and the benefits of sourcing off-season for the best deals. With live demonstrations, they talked about the power of curation and insider tips for Goodsill Shoppers.




The Poshmark Hackathon: New Poshmark Features Announced 


Day 2 started with the session we’ve all been waiting for! In the annual Poshfest Hackathon team Posh announces new features and developments.


Vanessa Wong, VP of Product Management, Jen To, Director of Product Management, and Jonathan Louie Senior Director of Engineering, took the main stage to announce what's new to Poshmark in 2023 and 2024. 


Big Changes on Poshmark: What is New to Poshmark in 2023 & 2024


Here is a summary of everything announced at Poshfest, some of which you might even already have access to!


Posh Party Live!


Posh Pary Live is a new type of Poshmark Party where you can shop together with live shows! As a Posh-perfect combination of live shows and Posh parties, now live sellers can sell live together! 🎉


Posh party


Poshmark Promoted Closet BETA 


Poshmark recently started to test a promoted closet opportunity where sellers can establish a marketing promotional budget to advance their items in search results.


Poshmark announced that since it’s recent launch, BETA testers have received an average of an 80% increase in sales through Promoted Closet. 


The program is being tested and improved to enhance the seller experience. 💰


poshmark promoted closet


Poshmark Giftcards! 


The loudest cheers in the ballroom followed the announcement that gift cards are coming to Poshmark just in time for the holiday season! 


First, electronic gift cards will rollout, to be followed by physical gift cards.  


We know what we’re buying for our friends and family this holiday season! 🎁


poshmark giftcards


Auto Listing: Poshmark Introduces AI to the Listing Process


Auto Listing is perhaps the most innovative development to come to Poshmark. This will enhance and expedite the listing process.  


While the details are a bit vague, it was suggested that the seller can snap a quick picture of the item and that AI will use the image to generate and prepopulate listing fields (maybe title, brand, category, color, etc.). This will make listing faster than ever! 💨


poshmark auto listing


Multi-Label Shipping


The announcement of multi-label shipping is a huge relief to all sellers on the app!


Right now, orders that exceed 5lbs must be upgraded at the expense of the seller (and it’s very expensive) or separated into multiple sales which creates an administrative nightmare.


Now, Poshmark will allow sellers to purchase additional labels for multiple orders. This is perfect for bundles and especially live sellers.


Tip: They announced that the “magic number” is seven pounds. If the order weighs more than seven pounds, the second label will be more cost-effective! 


poshmark multi label shipping


Posh Live Sale Host Summary Report


Attention live sellers: you’re getting stats! Poshmark announced that live sellers will be presented with summaries of their sales, including performance metrics, engagement, and revenue.  


This development will help sellers analyze and scale their performance. We love to see it! 📈


poshmark host summary report

Poshmark Closet Redesign


The Poshmark closet redesign is a new and improved look and buyer experience. On the app, buyer’s key sales stats will be clearly demonstrated to allow buyers to shop with confidence and sellers to show off their status and accomplishments! 👌🏽


poshmark closet redesign


Poshmark Sellers Trust Vendoo for Crosslisting


Team Vendoo had a great time at Poshfest and connected with so many sellers who use Vendoo to crosslist from Poshmark to other marketplaces!   


Want to join the over 10,000 sellers who use Vendoo? Check out the free trial


vendoo team at poshfest

Vendoo Cofounders CEO Thomas Rivas and COO Josh Dzime-Assion with Alejandra Vásquez, VP of Marketing, and Erynn Hamel, Product Specialist. 


Which is your favorite feature announced at Poshfest 2023? Tell us below 👇🏽

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