Money Saving Challenge: How Vendoo Empowers Resellers to Maximize Profits

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Money Saving Challenge: How Vendoo Empowers Resellers to Maximize Profits

I don’t know about you, but i’m on a money saving challenge! That means maximizing resources and ROI on everything I use as a reseller. If you’re a reseller, selling online on places like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy, Depop, and Shopify, you must check out Vendoo.


Vendoo is a service made by resellers for resellers, with tools and features to help you with every aspect of your reselling business. 


Vendoo is hands-down the best thing I’ve ever done for my reselling business: saving me time and making me money! 🕒 


What is Vendoo?

Vendoo is a seller’s bestfriend! Vendoo is most-known as a crosslisting software, but it does so much more! 


Vendoo offers the fastest crosslisting, inventory management, bulk delist/relist, profit-tracking, business analytics and so many other tools and features to empower resellers


The major Vendoo features include, but certainly are not limited to:


  • Importing

  • Listing & Crosslisting

  • Inventory Management

  • Bulk Delist/Relist

  • Profit-and-Revenue Calculator

  • Powerful Analytics 

  • Sale Detection & Automatic Delisting


Vendoo really does do it all. I’ve been able to cancel so many other programs and software because Vendoo handles everything I need! This has saved me so much money!


Let’s explore the Vendoo core features:


Crosslisting with Vendoo

Did you know that Vendoo offers the fastest crosslisting available to resellers? 


That’s right- you can crosslist in literally seconds with just a few clicks!


You can get started by importing your listings that are already actively listed so you can quickly crosslist them everywhere else! 


Vendoo has so many marketplaces to crosslist to! 


When you use Vendoo as your listing hub to draft and publish your listings, you can enjoy so many extra tools and benefits to save time!


Check this out!



Listing with Vendoo is so fast because:


  1. It is all on one user-friendly interface without opening multiple tabs

  2. You can create and use custom listing templates for the types of items you sell! 

  3. The information you type in the Vendoo form transfers to the marketplace form! 

  4. There are tons of defaultable fields, so you don’t have to enter the same information every time! 

  5. The fields also auto-populate, so you can tab around and zoom through the listing fields!


I list my items to seven marketplaces in about four minutes! This is a game-changer


Ready to start crosslisting? Sign up for Vendoo for FREE today!


Vendoo x PhotoRoom


When you draft your listings in Vendoo, you can also take advantage of photo-editing tools, resizing, and the Background Remover by PhotoRoom integrated into the software! 


Plus, you can check comps with eBay Terapeak!


With Vendoo, you’ll list more items faster than ever! With Vendoo, you can list perfectly! 😉


Vendoo Inventory Management 

Vendoo makes daunting bookkeeping and inventory management super simple! Save time with the business administration so you can spend more time sourcing and making money!



Vendoo offers superior inventory management for multi-platform resellers with optimized organizational tools, including searching, sorting, advanced filtering, custom labels, bulk tools, and more!


Vendoo keeps track of what you have, where it is listed, and all of the information, including SKUs, quantities, costs, dates, sales data, and numbers: everything you need for tax preparation! 


Did you know that you can make color-coded custom inventory labels for organizational purposes? Check them out here. 


The best part it- No more spreadsheets! Vendoo makes them for you! You can download an inventory report at any time from your account settings.  


This has saved me so much time! I used to spend hours in spreadsheets attempting bookkeeping and tax time was a nightmare! 





Bulk Delist/Relist

The bulk delist/relist tool is my favorite- this one is a game-changing money maker! 🤩


The Delist/Relist add-on gives you brand-new listings! 



You probably know that the most important thing you can do as a reseller is to list consistently. Brand new daily listings is the key to the marketplace algorithms and maximizing exposure.


The delist/relist tool delists your item(s) from an existing marketplace(s) and relists the item in just seconds. The fresh listings are equivalent to brand-new, first-time listings that enjoy all of the promotion and exposure. 


Note: The “relisted” items are brand new. Because Vendoo hosts your items’ information, we can entirely delete listings and post them as new. This is not just a shortcut to a copy feature but the actual equivalent of first-time listings! I attribute this feature to tripling my sales in my first year with Vendoo!


Sign Up For Vendoo!


Profit & Revenue Calculator

Bookkeeping and tax preparation is no joke. Tax time can be a nightmare for resellers, but it is stress-free with Vendoo!


When you mark an item as sold, Vendoo automatically delists your item from everywhere else it is listed to prevent double-selling, plus Vendoo instantly calculates your revenue and profit. It’s like magic! 


With Sale Detection and Auto Delist you don’t even have to mark them as sold- Vendoo detects your sales and automatically delists them for you! 



Plus, you can download a customizable sales report spreadsheet that has everything you need for tax preparation including: your item details, cost of goods (COG), sale price, marketplace fees, shipping expenses, and more!


You might also be interested in: A Reseller's Guide to Taxes


Powerful Business Analytics

Scale your business with Vendoo’s business analytics and sales data for resellers! Talk about empowering! Vendoo has taught me to be a profit-oriented analytically-driven business!  


Vendoo provides seller data for profit, revenue, average sale price (ASP), and your top-selling brands and categories across all marketplaces! 


Here you can see your profit and revenue overview and seller stats:

Plus, you’ll get detailed information about each marketplace, and how they attribute to your total sales!


Vendoo is The Best Crosslisting Solution for Resellers

In addition to these major features, there are dozens of additional features that help you to save time and make money!


Plus, Vendoo offers live customer support and tons of reseller resources! 


Did you know that Vendoo is the only crosslisting software with a mobile app? 📱

Is Vendoo Worth It? 

Vendoo pays for itself almost instantly in the time that it saves and the profit that it produces! Dare yourself to a money-saving challenge! See how much you can earn with Vendoo!


Plus, there are flexible and affordable plans for every type of seller. You select a plan based on the amount of new items you will add to your inventory each month, so you only pay for what you mean!


With plans ranging from free to unlimited, there is something for everyone. Learn about Vendoo pricing and subscription options here


Why Is Vendoo The Best?

There is a reason that Vendoo is the number one solution for resellers- in fact, there are many reasons.


Vendoo empowers resellers to scale and grow their business. Vendoo has:


  • A large range of platforms and features

  • The fastest crosslisting available to resellers

  • Importing and a listing hub

  • Flexible and affordable pricing 

  • Live customer support 7 days a week

  • An active community, workshops, and webinars


Vendoo really is as good as it sounds. See for yourself with the no-risk free trial.


Want to see what Vendoo can do for you? We offer live tutorial calls weekly to demonstrate the amazing software. RSVP here

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