Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For May

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Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For May


Wow, things have been moving fast here at Vendoo! We've been busy expanding our features, adding new marketplaces, and growing our global reach. But our top priority remains the same: delivering the best possible experience for you.

Here is a wave of exciting updates designed to make your experience with Vendoo even more productive. Join our Facebook Group for weekly updates and behind-the-scenes information about what's happening at Vendoo. Let's dive into what's new!



Vendoo's New Improvements


  • Enhanced the photo uploading experience on Android.
  • Improved the alphabetical sorting filter on the inventory screen for accuracy.
  • Restructured the Vestiaire Collective form. Now, in the proof of origin field, you can select any photo you already have uploaded in the Vendoo form.  
  • Updated the eBay form to reflect the latest changes in the eBay marketplace.

Take A Look At The Latest Vendoo Bug Fixes

Vestiaire Collective  

    • Improved the listing process by adding clickable warning messages to the bottom of the form to warn sellers if mandatory information is missing. 


    • Resolved a marketplace connection issue.


    • Fixed an error displayed when attempting to list to FBMP.


    • Corrected an error shown when attempting to delist/relist imported listings for literature with the ISBN field.
    • Improved the Sale Detection feature to fix detected sales being duplicated.


    • Resolved an issue where the price of an item was not transferring from the Vendoo form to the Whatnot form. 


    • Improved connection and listing errors on the desktop/website software. Our team is still working on improving this on the mobile app. Recent changes to Mercari servers have required our development team to restructure our software to adapt to these changes. In the meantime, the copy-and-paste listing method is a viable workaround. 

General Fixes 

  • A detected and fixed error was shown when trying to delist/relist items in bulk. 
  • Fixed an issue where the mobile app crashed when opening a marketplace form.
  • Corrected the time clock on the analytics page to show the correct timeline of the data.


Spotlight Series: This Month's Must-Sees & Beyond

Whatnot Success for Resellers

Last month, we announced our integration with Whatnot. Since then, many of our users have started crosslisting and making sales! 
Whatnot provides a live selling experience in addition to classic, “still” listings on the marketplace.  With Vendoo's help, users have been seamlessly listing and selling on the marketplace.

If you want to get in on the sales, check out our Whatnot reselling resources in our Help Center! 


Faster Listing Process on Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is known for its unparalleled standards of authenticity and buyer confidence. As such, the listing form requires particularized images and proof of origin documentation. We know listing items can be time-consuming, so we have enhanced the listing form for a faster process without compromising the quality of your listings.

Now, for the "proof of origin" field, you can simply choose one of your previously uploaded item photos. No need to waste time searching for and uploading a new image. Try it out and thank us later. 


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