Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For June

Vendoo Updates
Vendoo Monthly Product Updates For June


This month, the Vendoo team has been diligently working to fine-tune existing features to ensure a smoother and more efficient user experience. Let’s explore the improvements and updates!

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Vendoo's New Improvements

  • Updated the eBay form on the mobile app for better navigation. 
  • Increased the limit of custom labels to 500 per account and 20 per item.
  • Improved image upload process in the copy-and-paste method.
  • The refresh/reload option for category specifics is now available on the mobile app.

The Latest Bug Fixes



  •  Fixed the listing issue related to errors listing particular sub-categories.
  • Resolved an issue disrupting the connection to Etsy.


  • Solved issue related to the brand field not importing correctly from Kidizen.


  • Fixed an error that appeared when attempting to list auction style listings to eBay.
  • Resolved an issue disrupting the connection to eBay.


  • Enhanced our Whatnot integration to expand to Canada! Now, accounts created on Whatnot in Canada can connect, list, and crosspost items in USD through Vendoo.


  • Fixed an error where the 8-12 oz shipping label failed to save after entry.
  • Improved connection and listing errors on the desktop/website software.
    Note that our team is still working on improving this on the mobile app. Recent changes to Mercari servers have required our development team to drastically restructure our software to adapt to these new changes. In the meantime, the copy-and-paste listing method is a viable workaround. We thank you for your ongoing patience with this issue.

📣 Did you know that you can check on the status of ongoing resolutions on the Vendoo status page. 


General Fixes 

  • Solved an issue where invalid values were displayed on the price field on the mobile app. 
  • Enhanced the pagination for better display for users with a high volume of items in their inventory.
  • Upgraded the label manager page for better utility.
  • Resolved an issue where “multi-delete” was not working properly.




Spotlight Series: Community Updates


Custom Labels For Inventory Management 

With Vendoo's advanced Label Manager, you can create detailed, color-coded custom labels—essentially “electronic stickers”—that provide a personalized method for organizing and managing your inventory. These labels also provide detailed and customized analytics, as you can filter your analytics to display by custom label. 

Now, you can create up to 500 labels in your account. Check our Help Center to learn more about this feature.


June 2024 Yeezy Sneaker Drop

This month, adidas released a massive volume of Yeezy shoes, marking a bittersweet end of an era for both adidas and Yeezy fans. The last ever drop was a crazy opportunity for sneakerheads, offering various Yeezy styles. With nearly 50 styles hitting the shelves, there was something for everyone. Are you a sneaker seller? Check all the details about the release.


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