How to Use eRank to Improve Your Etsy Descriptions & Make More Sales

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How to Use eRank to Improve Your Etsy Descriptions & Make More Sales

Etsy is a well-known online marketplace that specializes in connecting artists, crafters, and vintage enthusiasts with a global customer base. Founded in 2005, Etsy has grown into a vibrant community where individuals can buy and sell a wide range of handmade, unique, and vintage items. It has gained popularity for its commitment to supporting small businesses and independent creators. With millions of active sellers and buyers, it’s a great place for resellers to sell vintage clothing, home decor, and handmade and upcycled items. 


In order to make sales on Etsy, you’ll need to make sure your listings can beat the competition to the top of the search results. Effective product descriptions play a pivotal role in driving sales on Etsy. In a digital marketplace where customers can't physically touch or examine products, well-crafted descriptions inform and inspire confidence and trust. Engaging descriptions can evoke emotions, create connections, and address potential buyer questions, ultimately encouraging shoppers to make that crucial purchasing decision. Moreover, these descriptions are essential for search engine optimization (SEO), helping products appear in relevant searches and increasing their discoverability.


Improve Etsy Sales With eRank


eRank is an analytical tool designed specifically for Etsy sellers to help you rank higher in searches on the marketplace. It provides keyword research, competitor analysis, A/B testing, and more. This tool can help you improve your sales through careful research and testing strategies. 


When used correctly, eRank can help you increase your Etsy store visibility and sales. The great thing about eRank is that they offer a free plan that you can stay on for an unlimited time. While the results yielded on the free plan are limited, it’s enough to get most new store owners up and running and profitable before having to switch to a paid plan.  


How To Set Up A New eRank Account And Connect It To Etsy 


Setting up an eRank account is easy when you follow these steps:


  • Go to the eRank website.
  • Click on the “Join Now” or “Sign Up” button, usually located at the top right of the webpage.
  • You will be directed to the registration page. Fill in your email address, create a password, and enter your Etsy shop name. It’s important to use the exact shop name as it appears on Etsy.
  • Click on the “Register” button.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email from eRank. Open this email and click on the confirmation link to verify your email address.
  • After confirming your email, you can log in to your eRank account. The first time you log in, you’ll need to connect your Etsy shop to eRank. Click on “Connect with Etsy” to link your account. Don’t worry; they will not ask for your password or other credentials for Etsy. 
  • You’ll be redirected to Etsy, where you’ll need to authorize eRank to access your Etsy account. Click “Allow Access“ to complete the process. 


Etsy Keyword Research With eRank


Keyword research is the process of identifying and selecting specific words and phrases (keywords) that potential customers are likely to use when searching for products or services on online platforms like Etsy. Keyword research is a foundational aspect of Etsy shop optimization. It enhances your shop's visibility and helps you connect with your target audience, leading to increased sales and business growth.


Three Reasons You Need To Do Keyword Research For Your Etsy Shop


Improved Visibility: Effective keyword research allows you to incorporate relevant keywords into your product titles, descriptions, and tags. This increases the likelihood of your listings appearing in search results when potential buyers enter those keywords, boosting your shop's visibility.


Targeted Traffic: By identifying the most relevant keywords, you can attract visitors who are genuinely interested in your products. This targeted traffic is more likely to convert into sales as it matches the needs and preferences of your ideal customers.


Competitive Advantage: Keyword research can help you identify less competitive but still valuable keywords that your competitors may have overlooked. This gives you a competitive edge in reaching potential customers in less saturated niches.


To start your research, click on keyword research on your main task list on eRank:



Run a simple search for an item you want to sell. You can get more detailed later. Let’s start this search for vintage earrings. 



You’ll see that this is a popular search term with a good-sized audience, but the competition is a bit fierce (shown in red). It will also give you the most popular categories and the most popular tags connected to these products. When you scroll down even further, you will find more details for each suggested keyword. 




Optimizing Your Etsy Descriptions With eRank 


Using eRank’s tools can help you craft the perfect Etsy listing description by helping analyze your titles, keywords, and descriptions. It will also provide trend reports as well and help you keep tabs on the competition. There is a listing audit tool that will give you feedback on your existing listings. 


Using eRank For Competitor Analysis 


Once you have connected your Etsy shop to eRank, it will start tracking shops that sell similar products as you. Understanding what other successful sellers are doing will help you fine-tune your own listing and increase sales. 


You can use these eRank tools to help keep an eye on your competition:

  • Shop Compare Tool
  • Competitor Sales Tool
  • Competitor Keyword Tool
  • Tracking Changes Tool 


More Ways To Optimize Etsy Sales Using eRank Tools 


eRank provides you with many tools for increasing the performance of your Etsy shop. Some are paid, and some can be found in the free plan. Here are some of the most useful features. 


  • Track your own Etsy sales performance
  • Use A/B testing to try different titles and keywords on the same listing 
  • Stay on top of market trends 
  • Keep informed on Etsy trends and algorithm changes 


Should Vendoo Users Try eRank To Help Increase Etsy Sales?


In the dynamic world of reselling, staying ahead of the curve is the key to success. We've explored a tool that can significantly impact your reselling journey: eRank for keyword and competitive research. 


eRank equips you with the knowledge to uncover the right keywords, enabling your listings to shine in the crowded marketplace. It's the compass that guides potential buyers straight to your products. By understanding customer intent and optimizing your listings with eRank's insights, you're setting yourself up for increased visibility and sales.


Now, let's introduce Vendoo into the mix. It's your organizational wizard, simplifying the often tedious process of cross-listing across multiple platforms and keeping your inventory in check. 


Combining eRank's keyword expertise with Vendoo's inventory management prowess results in a powerful one-two punch. You're attracting more potential buyers with optimized listings and ensuring that your inventory is always up to date and ready to fulfill orders promptly.


Try a free trial of both eRank and Vendoo today to maximize your profits. 

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