Expert Tips & Tricks For How to Sell on Whatnot

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Expert Tips & Tricks For How to Sell on Whatnot

Unlock the secrets used by Whatnot creators to build followings, skyrocket sales, and dominate the live shopping scene. Leverage these insider tips from Vendoo and become a Whatnot powerhouse! Here are tips and tricks to maximize classic listings on the Whatnot marketplace. 


Do you want to learn how to make sales on Whatnot? No longer just for selling Funko Pops and collectibles, this live-streaming platform is breaking barriers and quickly making a name for itself as a major reselling platform. Don’t worry if the thought of going live terrifies you; there is also a traditional marketplace now, so all types of sellers can find success! 


Win on Whatnot Live: Pro Tips and Tactics

Launched in 2021, Whatnot took the e-commerce world by storm with its focus on live, auction-style reselling. The platform initially catered to collectors of trading cards, comics, Funko Pops, and other memorabilia. However, recognizing the broader potential of live shopping, Whatnot has expanded its offerings to include fashion, home decor, vintage finds, and more.


The live video format fosters a sense of community and excitement, similar to a physical auction house. Here are some amazing facts about Whatnot:


  • In September 2021, Whatnot became the most valuable independent livestream shopping company in the US.


  • In Q1 2023, Whatnot accounted for over 11% of fashion resale brands, up from 4% in Q1 2022.


  • As of May 2022, Whatnot had 240,000 installs from the U.S. App Store and Google Play, a 155% increase from May 2021.


  • As of October 2023, Whatnot had around 3.1 million monthly visitors, and many users stayed on the platform for two hours per day.


As of March 2024, Whatnot users are 65% male, 85% American, and 78% under 44 years old. The largest age group of visitors to is 25–34-year-olds, and the audience is 64.18% male and 35.82% female.


Behind the Scenes on Whatnot: Streamline Your Live Sale Process

Holding successful live shows comes down to mastering two skills: execution and organization. Without a solid foundation, your shows can quickly become disorganized, and that’s when mistakes are made. Running a smooth show will help you grow a loyal fan base. 


Here are some tips for executing the perfect live show:

  • Schedule your Whatnot show in advance, and use a video to market your show in the app. You can also promote your show on social media. 
  • Pre-loading your show with inventory can help buyers get a sense of what you will be selling and will even allow people to pre-bid on your items. 
  • If you will be selling large amounts of inventory and using the “quick list” method then make sure to have a fool-proof number system in place for tracking sales.
  • If this is your first live, host a practice session so you can get used to the tools and features Whatnot has to offer. 
  • You can use two devices, one to film and one to chat and run your actions from if you find that easier to manage. 


Using the skills above, you can eventually source larger amounts of inventory and hire assistants to help you run and manage your shows. This will enable you to scale your business to limitless heights. 


To make sure your business stays organized, especially when you sell on multiple marketplaces, use Vendoo. Vendoo’s tools help you manage your inventory, track costs and sales, analyze data, and more. Vendoo will help you pre-load your show or fill your marketplace with the inventory you already have listed. 


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Cultivate a Community of Fans on Whatnot: Beyond the Live Show

  • Social Media: Don't just post show announcements! Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, product teasers, and fun polls across platforms (Instagram, TikTok, etc.) to get viewers excited and engaged.
  • Community Building 101: Foster a space for interaction. Host Q&A sessions, run contests, or start a Discord server to build a loyal following.
  • Collaborate with Other Creators: Partner with complementary sellers for cross-promotion. Host joint shows, offer exclusive bundles, or do guest appearances to expand your reach. 


TIP: Whatnot will also allow people to send their viewers to another show once theirs is over. This has sparked Whatnot parties called “raid trains” that can really help you grow your Whatnot audience. 


Collaboration: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work on Whatnot

Community is a huge part of Whatnot's uniqueness, so let’s look at more ways to connect with other sellers. 


  • Find Your Perfect Partner: Look for creators who share your audience or offer complementary products.
  • Cross-Promote Like a Pro: Announce each other's shows, offer exclusive discounts to each other's followers, and leverage each other's strengths.
  • Guest Appearances: Appear on another creator's show to tap into their audience and vice versa.


Whatnot Data: Analyze Your Results

Never fly blind when it comes to your numbers. In business, there are so many numbers to track, from purchasing costs to sales and final value fees. Luckily, Vendoo will help you keep track of costs and profits. 

  • Vendoo Insights: Vendoo tracks your Whatnot sales data. Analyze metrics like popular products, sell-through rate (STR), and peak engagement times to tailor your shows for maximum impact.
  • Beyond the Numbers: Look beyond sales figures. Analyze audience comments and live chat interactions to reveal valuable insights into buyer behavior.




Beyond the Basics: Advanced Whatnot Strategies

Did you know that you don’t have to go live to make sales on Whatnot? Recently, Whatnot introduced its “marketplace” feature, which allows you to populate a store (much like your eBay store or Poshmark closet) with inventory that you can have for sale 24/7. 


Selling with the Whatnot Marketplace:

  • Marketplace Listings: To list inventory on the Whatnot marketplace, you will need photos, a title, and a description, as well as to enter a few quick item specifications. Keep in mind that your title and description are searchable, so make sure to pack them with keywords a buyer might use to find your item.  
  • Vendoo x Whatnot: Vendoo will help you quickly crosslist new and existing inventory into Whatnot. Using the desktop or mobile version of Vendoo, you can quickly take and edit photos, including background removal. Use Vendoo’s quick listing features, such as default fields and custom templates, to speed up your listing process. Vendoo will detect when a Whatnot marketplace sale is made and will automatically delist the item from all other marketplaces. 

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Tips Right From the Whatnot Crew!

Check out the following tips from the staff at Whatnot:


  • Consistency is key! Set a streaming schedule and stick to it weekly. Showing up at the same times each week is more important than the actual time you go live. Consistency is the number one factor in a new seller's success on Whatnot.

  • Develop a personal brand! There are tons of ways to set your show apart, including different show formats, livestream backgrounds, and inventory types and styles. Determine what you want to be known for on the platform and consistently deliver that to your buyers.

  • Get involved in the community! Whatnot is super different from other static marketplaces in that users come for shopping and stay for entertainment and friends. Getting to know other sellers and buyers is super important for developing a repeat buyer base.

Whatnot has something for everyone, offering a dynamic platform for both seasoned sellers and those seeking a new reselling experience.  Whether you crave the thrill of live auctions or prefer the convenience of a traditional marketplace, Whatnot caters to all styles.  This guide, packed with exclusive Vendoo insights and insider tips from Whatnot creators, has equipped you with the knowledge to become a Whatnot powerhouse.


Ready to unlock the full potential of Whatnot? Vendoo seamlessly integrates with the platform, streamlining your listing process, inventory management, and data analysis. 


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