Sellercloud Competitors For Multichannel Ecommerce Sellers

High-Volume Sellers
Sellercloud Competitors For Multichannel Ecommerce Sellers

If you're considering using Sellercloud for managing your e-commerce inventory across multiple channels, take a moment to read this insightful blog post and explore four alternative solutions.


Key Points:

  • Sellercloud integrates with 81 marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Costco.
  • Their pricing structure is simple to understand but pricey for new small businesses.
  • There's no cap on the number of channels you can incorporate. The only constraint is that each channel can only be integrated with one business.


As e-commerce continues to dominate the retail landscape, businesses face the challenge of standing out among the sea of online retailers. Many have turned to selling on multiple marketplaces to increase brand awareness and maximize their reach. However, managing inventory, fulfillment, and shipping across multiple platforms can be a headache without the right software. 

Choosing a robust multichannel e-commerce software that can handle all aspects of online sales is essential for businesses looking to thrive in the competitive world of online retail. Unfortunately, not all multichannel e-commerce software is built to the same standard. 


So, here are three key criteria that every seller should keep in mind:


  1. System Integration: It is crucial to ensure that all your systems are properly integrated for seamless operation. This includes your accounting software, shipping providers, payment gateways, and marketplaces.

  2. Growth Capability: Your chosen software should be able to scale alongside your business. Confirm that the platform can accommodate the needs of a growing business without switching to another platform or resorting to manual operations.

  3. Customer Support: Regardless of how user-friendly a multichannel e-commerce software might be, there will be times when you need assistance. Ensure the company offers round-the-clock customer service or swift response times for any issues or queries.

Alternatives to Sellercloud:

01 SellerActive

02 Zentail

03 Vendoo Enterprise

04 Sellbrite



Sellercloud is designed to be a one-in-all software to streamline all aspects of e-commerce, from inventory management and order fulfillment to multi-channel marketing and sales analytics, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively across multiple online marketplaces.



(Image source: Sellercloud)



International integration: They offer the choice to sell on international marketplaces (e.g., Amazon UK) with product descriptions translated into the local language and prices displayed in the local currency.

Custom plug-ins: Sellercloud offers a variety of custom plug-ins to automate operational tasks such as shipping fulfillment, warehouse routing, and dropshipping workflows.

Customer service: Based on various user reviews, it appears that Sellercloud generally offers commendable customer service. The company also provides premium support options for businesses seeking additional assistance at varying levels.



No free trial: Sellercloud's pricing may seem high for new or small businesses. Unfortunately, they do not provide a free trial to determine if the platform is suitable. The monthly minimum cost for SellerCloud is $1,100, and Premium Support costs an additional $500 per month.

Inventory management issues: Multiple users have indicated encountering problems with the inventory management feature. They've highlighted that this feature often generates errors, such as overstocking and tracking obsolete stocks.

Steep learning curve: Some users find the interface difficult to navigate and not very intuitive, leading to a steep learning curve. Furthermore, the platform has been described as cumbersome with poor documentation, which makes it less user-friendly. Even simple tasks within the application can take multiple steps


Now, we'll dive into Sellercloud Alternatives.



Acquired by, SellerActive has successfully managed multichannel sales for over 800 leading brands, representing more than $1.9 billion in gross merchandise value. The platform boasts robust listing management capabilities, efficiently extending e-commerce product reach across Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and several other platforms.



(Image source: SellerActive)



Automated repricing tool: This tool automatically reprices an item, considering competitor data and products. It allows users to set a default price, enabling the repricer to adjust prices accordingly. The software also offers different repricing strategies, including rule-based repricing, target-based repricing, and velocity repricing, which changes your price based on a specified number of products sold within a specific period.

Good customer support: This company has received many positive reviews for its customer support. One significant aspect of their service is offering free phone support.

Implementation service: This service is perfect for busy business owners who lack the time to learn the platform and require a dedicated consultant to guide them throughout the process. Two pricing options are available: 30-day ($500 one-time fee) and 90-day ($1,250 one-time fee)


Automated repricing tool: Unfortunately, this time-saving tool is only available for Walmart, Amazon, and eBay marketplaces, and it is also an add-on feature that costs $50 per month.

Pricey for big-ticket sellers: The monthly cost of their Basic Plan is $99 with a cap of $10,000 Gross Merchandise Value, not including shipping and tax. This is ideal for sellers with massive sales volume but not as much for those selling high volume with high-ticket items.

Limited marketplace integration: SellerActive only offers eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Other international marketplaces are not covered.


Form-image-2 (1)



One of Zentail's key features is its multichannel listing capability, allowing businesses to list their products across multiple sales channels seamlessly. It also provides services for specific applications, like Target Plus, Creative Market, Searchspring, and Yotpo. 



(Image source: Zentail)



Smart Types: This tool powered by AI enables sellers to tailor product data to meet each marketplace's specifications and prevent listing errors or missing information.

Real-time updates: Updates to products and inventory are immediately reflected across multiple channels.

Automated order fulfillment: The platform simplifies the process of order management for businesses that have orders coming in from multiple channels. It automatically synchronizes orders and quantities across different channels, whether you're selling single units or bundled items, fulfilling through FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), or other methods.



Lack of pricing transparency: Zentail does not publish its pricing structure online. Interested sellers must contact sales representatives to get a more accurate picture of the costs. According to a user review, the monthly cost of using Zentail is $1,000.

Limited marketplace integration: While Zentail offers integrations with several marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Jet, it does not support international marketplaces like Rakuten or AliExpress.

Advanced Features Complexity: Some of the more advanced features may require technical know-how to utilize fully, which could be a drawback for non-technical users (inferred from various reviews).


Vendoo Enterprise

Vendoo Enterprise is one of the few multichannel e-commerce software focusing on smaller marketplaces such as Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, and many more.


vendoo enterprise

(Image source: Vendoo)



White glove service: Vendoo Enterprise streamlines bulk listing management by expertly handling tasks such as listing, updating, and managing products across multiple marketplaces. Their services include optimizing each listing for SEO, and enhancing organic visibility across all marketplaces. 

Custom rules: Vendoo Enterprise offers tailored services and listing practices to optimize your listings to your preferences. This includes incorporating custom rules for your pricing strategy, listing characteristics, and business policies, and always ensuring your items are optimized for SEO. 

Unique marketplaces: In stark contrast to the other four e-commerce multichannel software options discussed earlier, Vendoo Enterprise uniquely positions itself as the only platform that offers connectivity to Mercari, eBay, Poshmark, Depop, Kidizen, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Shopify, and Vestaire Collective.

VIP customer support: While Vendoo is renowned for its exceptional customer service, its Enterprise service takes it a step further by providing a dedicated account executive.


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Pricing transparency: To get access to their pricing structure, sellers must schedule a consultation, as it is not publicly disclosed on their website.

However, Vendoo Enterprise promises competitive and flexible pricing options, making it a budget-friendly choice for those looking to scale without breaking the bank.

Lack of user reviews: Vendoo Enterprise is NEW! As Vendoo Enterprise is a recent addition, there are currently no user reviews available to provide insight into the functionality of the service. I’ll be keeping an eye out for client reviews. I expect the B2B customer satisfaction rate to match how happy individual sellers are with the software! 

Does Vendoo Enterprise sound right for you? Schedule a call here!



Sellbrite, a GoDaddy brand, supports numerous popular marketplaces and shopping carts, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and others. By automatically adjusting and syncing inventory, Sellbrite helps businesses avoid overselling and maintain accurate stock counts.


sellbrite(Image source: Sellbrite)



User-friendly: A lot of users find the interface really easy to use. They pick up on the features quickly, saving time and making the learning curve much less steep.

Great for new or small businesses: Sellbrite's pricing structure is simple with their 3 tier pricing plan. However, they offer a Forever Free Plan that allows sellers to manage up to 30 orders over a month.

Customer support: Customers on all pricing tiers can access chat and email support, while phone support is only available to Pro 2K members.



Spotty integration quality: Some users have noticed that Sellbrite integrates with a ton of platforms, but the quality and how well these applications work can be hit or miss. Some of these connections run smoother than others.

Lack of advanced features: Sellbrite falls short in offering high-end features such as custom analytics, customer grouping, product suggestions, and other similar functions that you can typically find in more all-inclusive e-commerce software solutions.

Slow Performance: Some users have commented on the slow performance of the platform, mentioning that search is slow and adding items can be a tedious process.


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Additional Multichannel E-Commerce FAQ


What is a second-hand marketplace?

A second-hand marketplace is a platform where predominantly pre-owned items are sold and bought. The second-hand marketplace allows for the recycling and reusing items, which can contribute to a more sustainable economy. The sellers in these markets are usually individuals rather than businesses.


Which multichannel e-commerce platform integrates with Instagram shopping?

The shopping feature by Instagram is fairly new; therefore, there isn't a full-service multichannel e-commerce platform that connects directly to Instagram. However, a couple of software applications can connect your website to Instagram.


Which multichannel e-commerce platform integrates with TikTok shopping?

Just as Instagram has rolled out a shopping feature, TikTok has also recently launched its own shopping function. There isn't a full-service multichannel e-commerce platform that offers direct integration with TikTok. However, a handful of software applications can connect your website to TikTok, providing a smooth shopping experience.


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