Sellbrite Alternatives For Multichannel Ecommerce Sellers

High-Volume Sellers
Sellbrite Alternatives For Multichannel Ecommerce Sellers

Before deciding whether to use Sellbrite for your e-commerce multichannel inventory management, read this informative blog and explore four other options.


Key Points:

  1. Most multichannel software will charge you based on the number of orders you have, the active SKUs in your inventory, and the selling channels you use.

  2. Pros and cons are listed for each alternative so you can make the best decision based on what matters most to you

  3. Vendoo Enterprise debuts as the latest option for multichannel high-volume sellers


In today's market, there are numerous cloud-based multichannel e-commerce software options. This can be overwhelming, particularly for those who are new to the industry. As every business operates differently, they have varying needs. Whether you are an online brand, e-commerce, marketplace, or drop shipper seller, it is essential to consider the following four criteria:


  • Scalability: The company should be able to grow alongside your business. Ensure that the software can meet the demands of a larger business as you expand without having to move onto a different platform or become bogged down with manual processes.

  • Ease of use: Your multichannel inventory management system should be user-friendly and straightforward. If it is too complex, it can cause delays and errors in the way you manage your inventory.

  • Integration: It's important to ensure that all of your systems are integrated properly so they can function together seamlessly. This includes accounting software, shipping companies, payment gateways, marketplaces, and more.

  • Support: Even if multichannel e-commerce software is user-friendly, you may still need support for the occasional issue or question. Ensure that the company provides 24/7 customer service or quick response times.

Alternatives to Sellbrite:

01 Sellbery

02 ChannelAdvisor

03 Sellercloud

04 SellerChamp

05 Vendoo Enterprise



Sellbrite is a popular multichannel e-commerce software that allows small business owners, brands, and retailers to list and sell their products online. It provides easy integration with platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart.

However, this popular multichannel e-commerce software has received mixed reviews, with both pros and cons highlighted by users.



(Image source: Sellbrite)



Easy to use: Many users find the interface user-friendly, allowing them to quickly learn and navigate its features, saving time and minimizing the learning curve.

Affordability: Sellbrite offers competitive pricing plans that truly cater to small or new business owners. They offer a Forever Free Plan that allows sellers to manage up to 30 orders over a month.

Customer service: Many users have reported good customer service and support, with helpful and well-informed representatives. Both chat and email support are provided across all pricing tiers. However, phone support is exclusively available for customers subscribed to the Pro 2K plan.



Varied integration quality: Some users have commented that while Sellbrite integrates with many platforms, the quality and effectiveness of these integrations can vary. Some integrations work better than others.

Lack of a reporting feature: Sellbrite does not offer advanced features like analytics, customer segmentation, product recommendations, and other similar functionalities that are available in more comprehensive e-commerce software solutions.

Pricey for large businesses: Sellbrite's pricing structure may not be ideal for larger businesses that exceed 10,000 monthly orders, as it may result in higher costs and less flexibility for scaling operations.


What are the alternatives to Sellbrite?



Sellbery is a newcomer to the cloud-based multichannel industry. Founded in 2020 and officially launched in October 2021, it shares similarities with Sellbrite but offers distinct features. Sellbery provides advanced analytics tools and reporting functionalities for sales data analysis and store performance tracking.



(Image source: Sellbery)



Easy integration: Efficiently synchronize product data, inventory, and orders across multiple platforms. Streamline workflows and optimize online selling potential with the advanced integration capabilities of Sellbery.

Customizable reports: The analytics and reporting tools are user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users to understand their data without needing advanced technical skills.

eCommerce AI: Sellbery's latest product listing feature enables easy optimization and generation of precise titles, descriptions, images, and tags for products. This functionality enhances SEO and boosts product rankings across various marketplaces.



Limited integrations: At present, Sellbery effortlessly integrates with five widely-used e-commerce platforms: Amazon, Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, and Etsy. It does not integrate with third-party shipping services such as Easyship and ShipStation.

No order management: Sellbery ensures seamless synchronization of sales across all connected channels, preventing overselling when an item is sold in one channel. However, to fulfill the order, users are required to manage the shipping process through the specific channel where the item was sold.

Pricey for small businesses: Sellbery's lowest plan is currently priced at $19 per month for 100 orders and two channels. When comparing it to Sellbrite's Pro 100 plan, the $29 per month option provides a greater range of features compared to Sellbery.



ChannelAdvisor, launched in 2001, is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions. It allows retailers and manufacturers to manage their merchandise sales across multiple online channels such as Amazon, eBay, Google, and more.



(Image source: ChannelAdvisor)



Scalability: The platform is expertly designed to provide comprehensive support for businesses that have the capability to handle large volumes of product listings and transactions. Its robust features and seamless integration empower businesses to efficiently manage their operations, optimize productivity, and drive growth.

Pricing optimization: By leveraging cutting-edge technology and robust algorithms, companies can optimize their pricing strategies, stay ahead of the competition, and maximize their profitability.

Digital marketing & retail media: The platform provides a unified location for managing retail media and social commerce advertising, offering guidance to businesses on creating winning strategies.


No pricing transparency: The pricing structure for their website is not disclosed, requiring sellers to reach out to a representative. Based on numerous online reviews, sellers have reported high monthly fees and a long-term commitment of two years.

Complex setup: The setup process for ChannelAdvisor can be complex, especially for businesses that are new to the platform. It involves various steps, such as configuring account settings, integrating product data, and customizing storefronts to align with your brand. Some users reported that setting up one channel took over a month.

Slow customer support: There have been numerous complaints from customers about the frustratingly slow response times of the customer support team, which, unfortunately, has not been very helpful in resolving their issues. Adding to the frustration is the fact that there is currently no viable option to call and speak with a customer support representative directly.


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Form-image-2 (1)



Sellercloud, founded in 2010, is a multi-channel e-commerce platform offering tools for inventory management, order processing, and listing publications. It integrates with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF).


seller cloud

(Image source: Sellercloud)



Order fulfillment support: SellerCloud supports various shipping methods and fulfillment options, including dropshipping and Amazon FBA. It consolidates orders from various channels into one platform, simplifying the fulfillment process.

Customization options: A versatile platform that offers extensive customizations tailored to specific business requirements, providing unparalleled flexibility and adaptability. With its robust features and intuitive interface, SellerCloud empowers businesses to optimize their operations, streamline workflows, and stay ahead in today's dynamic marketplace.

Customer service: SellerCloud's customer service has been widely praised by happy customers for its prompt and helpful support, proving its commitment to providing excellent assistance. Depending on the pricing tier, there are various customer support plans available.



Poor documentation: Based on some reviews, the documentation provided by SellerCloud may lack thoroughness, posing a challenge for users seeking to navigate the platform effectively. Consequently, users often resort to reaching out to customer support for assistance.

Pricey for small businesses: Sellercloud provides a straightforward and transparent pricing structure that is based on order volume. However, it's important to note that the minimum monthly plan is $1,100, regardless of whether sellers meet the order volume quota of 3,600 per month.

Inventory management issues: Several users have recently reported experiencing issues with the inventory management feature. They have expressed their concerns, mentioning that the feature frequently makes mistakes, leading to potential disruptions in their operations.



SellerChamp is a multi-channel e-commerce solution providing listing, inventory, and order management tools. It aids businesses on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, etc., streamlining product repricing, cross-selling, and shipping.



(Image source: SellerChamp)



RePricer feature: An intelligent repricer that automatically adjusts the prices of the items based on competition or sales velocity. It is designed to optimize price points and increase the chances of winning the Buy Box on e-commerce platforms.

Ease of product listing: Creating new items on their platform is a breeze with the software. Simply scan the item's barcode or manually input the barcode number, and SellerChamp will automatically populate the product data, including description, features, multiple photos, weight, variations, and more.

Customer Support: SellerChamp is known for its excellent customer service, providing prompt and helpful responses to user queries.


Pricey for small businesses: SellerChamp offers a monthly plan starting at $99 with limited features and support for up to 500 orders. However, they also provide pricing options for their bulk lister and repricer features, which can be advantageous for sellers who prefer a more tailored solution rather than a full-suite package.

Limited Integrations: SellerChamp currently only supports a limited number of marketplaces. If you sell on a platform that isn't supported, you'll be unable to use SellerChamp for that marketplace.

Category Classification: The platform may occasionally misclassify items in categories, potentially leading to confusion and misplacement of products.


Vendoo Enterprise

Vendoo Enterprise is a premium 'white glove' service designed for high-volume resellers to manage multichannel listings easily. Vendoo streamlines the process of bulk uploading and managing your inventory across various marketplaces, even those lacking APIs.


(Image source: Vendoo)



White glove service: Vendoo Enterprise streamlines bulk listing management by expertly handling tasks such as listing, updating, and managing products across multiple marketplaces. Their services include optimizing each listing for SEO, and enhancing organic visibility across all marketplaces. 

One of the best features is custom rules. Vendoo Enterprise offers tailored services and listing practices to optimize your listings to your preferences. This includes incorporating custom rules for your pricing strategy, listing characteristics, and business policies, and always ensuring your items are optimized for SEO. 

Unique marketplaces: In stark contrast to the other four e-commerce multichannel software options discussed earlier, Vendoo Enterprise uniquely positions itself as the only platform that offers connectivity to Mercari, eBay, Poshmark, Depop, Kidizen, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Shopify, and Vestaire Collective.

VIP customer support: While Vendoo is renowned for its exceptional customer service, its Enterprise service takes it a step further by providing a dedicated account executive.


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Pricing transparency: To get access to their pricing structure, sellers must schedule a consultation, as it is not publicly disclosed on their website.

However, Vendoo Enterprise promises competitive and flexible pricing options, making it a budget-friendly choice for those looking to scale without breaking the bank.

Lack of user reviews: Vendoo Enterprise is NEW! As Vendoo Enterprise is a recent addition, there are currently no user reviews available to provide insight into the functionality of the service. I’ll be keeping an eye out for client reviews. I expect the B2B customer satisfaction rate to match how happy individual sellers are with the software! 

Does Vendoo Enterprise sound right for you? Schedule a call here!


Multichannel E-Commerce FAQ


What is multichannel e-commerce?

Multichannel e-commerce sells products on multiple platforms like online marketplaces, social media, physical stores, and a company's website.


What is the difference between an e-commerce seller and a marketplace seller?

An e-commerce seller sells on their own website (ex. Shopify), controlling all aspects of their business. A marketplace seller operates on platforms like Amazon or eBay, benefiting from high traffic but having to follow the platform's rules and pay fees.


I am a small business owner with less than 1000 orders per month. Which software would be the most cost-effective for my business?

There are three contenders: Sellbery, Sellbrite, and SellerChamp. The price will vary based on your active SKUs and how many selling channels you need.

You can also check out Vendoo’s individual plans that are suitable for less volume. 


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