How to Make Consistent Sales in Your Reselling Business

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How to Make Consistent Sales in Your Reselling Business

If you want your reselling business to stay afloat and succeed, making consistent sales is the most important thing you need to take into account. However, this is easier said than done, as there are many things you need to keep in mind, and time can constantly be a constraint.

In today’s blog post we’d like to talk about effective ways to make consistent sales in your reselling business.

There’s no need to do these tips all at once, but putting a little daily effort into them will definitely help. 



We highly advise you to track your sales on a daily or weekly basis to measure the impact of everything you do to improve your business, to measure the efficiency of your strategies, because remember, what you don’t measure, you can’t improve!

  • Expand to new marketplaces 

    I've mentioned this in previous blog posts and would love to bring it up again. If you expand your presence across different marketplaces your chances of selling are much higher because you're reaching more people and you're also reaching different audiences that you hadn't reached before. So invest some time of your day into building and listings items in new marketplaces that you have never been present on.


  • Relist stale listings 

    Relisting items can help you move your inventory around. For instance, if you have some products that have been in your inventory for a while try to delete those listings and create them as a brand new listing. This will help you give that product or those products more visibility.


  • List items on a consistent basis

    When it comes to having a reselling business, listing items consistently and being active in your account or marketplaces will play a very important role. Because you’re constantly putting new items into the marketplace algorithm every day which allows buyers to find your store. Also, posting items every day allows you to build up your inventory faster. It’s easier to list a few items every day than it is to list a bunch of items on certain days. Overall listing consistently is a positive routine for your business.


  • Engage with the community around you

    Many marketplaces aim to be community drive and work as a social platform as well. So try to actively engage with the community around you, like other listings, follow other fellow resellers, share their products, respond to any questions a user asks about your listings. Doing this will help you bring your marketplace accounts and business more leverage.


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  • Look back at your sales data

    Looking back at your previous sales can teach you a lot about what's selling the most in your business. With this being said, try to analyze your inventory and sales since your reselling business started, in some cases, you might find that there are specific types of items that sell best, which means that you should source and list for similar items.


  • Create keyword-rich listings

    Making sure your listings contain the right keywords will help items appear in the search results whenever a user types one of the keywords or tags you used. Keywords and tags play a very important role as it helps marketplaces understand what your item is about. Before selecting the tags or keywords you're going to use, make sure to think of what a potential customer would search for.


  • Make sure your listings contain sufficient information for the buyer

    Making sure your listings contain all the information necessary for the buyer to confidently purchase something from your business is extremely important. Provide the size, brand, condition, any additional information about that product, and photos highlighting all the details.


Most of these key points can be applied to any type of reselling business, just keep in mind that some of them can be more effective than others, depending on the products you sell and the market you target. If you found this blog post to be helpful or have applied some of these tips before let us know in the comments below, that way other fellow resellers can understand and apply the same best-practices to their businesses!

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