10 Words that Sell: Elevate Sales with Power Words

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10 Words that Sell: Elevate Sales with Power Words

In the world of sales, words are your weapons. They have the power to persuade potential buyers,  ignite interest, and ultimately boost your sales. But with so much competition, how do you make your listings stand out? Enter power words – carefully chosen keywords that trigger emotions, spark curiosity, nudge customers towards a purchase.


Remember that shopping is a psychological and emotional process, appealing to your buyers in unique ways will maximize your sales potential.


10 Words that Sell: Elevate Sales with Power Words

This article equips you with 10 powerful keywords to elevate your sales game and propel your business growth.


What are Power Words for Sales?

Power words are words strategically chosen to evoke a specific emotional response in your target audience. They tap into desires, anxieties, and aspirations, making your product or service seem more enticing.


Think of them as verbal spotlights, illuminating the value proposition you offer. Value proposition in sales refers to using language that highlights the benefits of your product. The goal is to emphasize the benefit to the customer. Instead of just saying “Here’s a shirt for sale,” you want to illustrate the value benefit of the shirt: it’s durability, versatility, and value to the customer. 


Why are Power Words Important for Sales?

Reselling presents a unique challenge – you're not just listing an item to a marketplace; you're convincing buyers to purchase your item. Power words help to bridge that gap and convert viewers into buyers. 

By using words that highlight features, brand, versatility, and style aesthetics, you can effectively showcase how your item is exactly what your shoppers are looking for. 🎯



10 Powerful Words to Boost Sales on Marketplaces 

Let's delve into 10 power words that can expand your exposure and elevate your sales:  


1. Pristine:

This word evokes a sense of like-new condition, perfect for highlighting well-maintained items.


Example: "Pristine condition! This vintage camera looks and works like new."


💡Tip: Remember to use this word only when appropriate. Otherwise, you risk a disgruntled buyer and return if the item is not actually perfect.


2. Rare:

This word piques the interest of collectors and those seeking unique finds.


Example: "Rare and hard-to-find collector's edition video game."


💡Tip: Also consider “OOAK” (one of a kind), “limited edition,” and “rare” as applicable. 

3. Upcycled

This word emphasizes sustainable redesign and hand-crafted upgrades. This is common when old or discarded materials are reused to create new or different items. 


Example: “Cut Off Shorts made from Upcycled 90s Levis Men’s Jeans” 


💡Tip: Also consider “reworked” “handmade” “recycled,” and “OOAK” 

4. Trendy:

This power word is incredibly influential for those looking for the most popular contemporary items. 


Example: "Trendy High Rise Straight Leg 90s Style Mom Jeans” or “Trendy Minimalist Wall Decor” 


💡Tip: #trendy is (ironically) a trending hashtag!



5. Versatile:

Highlighting the product's diverse uses can broaden its appeal to a wider audience.


Example: "Versatile (kitchen appliance): perfect for baking, grilling, and more!" or “Versatile (dress) formal and professional, but also perfect for a casual summer day.” 


💡Tip: One of the most popular ways that buyers search for clothing is by occasion and season. Think about it: If you are shopping for a dress, you might narrow down your search by adding in words about formality and weather. 



6. Sustainable:

This word resonates with eco-conscious consumers looking for environmentally friendly options.


Example: "Sustainable bamboo travel mug: stylish and good for the planet!"


💡Tip: Also, remember to highlight your sustainable business practices in the footer of your listings with language such as “Sustainable packaging with recyclable materials.” 



7. Authentic:

Particularly important for vintage or designer items, "authentic" assures buyers of the product's genuineness.


Example: "Authentic designer handbag – comes with original dust bag and certificate of authenticity."


💡Tip: With so many replicas and items “inspired” by luxury designers, this keyword is crucial.



8. Clean 

Aside from emphasizing the condition, it’s very powerful to highlight cleanliness, noting things such as laundered, dry cleaned, sanitized, etc.


Example: "Impeccable boots, gently worn, polished, and sanitized interior” 


💡Tip: Also consider noting that your items are from a smoke free and pet free environment, if applicable. These are particularly important to buyers with aversions, sensitivities, and allergies.



9. Collectible:

This word targets collectors searching for valuable or nostalgic items.


Example: "Collectible Star Wars memorabilia – a must-have for any fan!"


💡Tip: If you’re selling collectibles, don’t forget to find the actual title or item number. Collectors are often looking for specific pieces.



10. Fast Shipping:

Emphasize quick delivery to cater to customers who value speedy service.


Example: "Fast shipping! We ship 5 days a week."


💡Tip: Try to avoid language about guaranteeing a delivery date, because even when they are “guaranteed” by the carriers, it is not always the case. 


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How to Use Power Words for Reselling

Here are some tips for effectively using power words in your reselling descriptions:


Match words to your product: Choose words that specifically highlight the unique features and benefits of your item. Avoid terms that are not relevant. 


Maintain a genuine tone: Avoid sounding overly promotional. Let the power words speak for themselves.


Vary your vocabulary: Don't overuse the same words across all your listings.


Combine power words with vivid details: Paint a picture for potential buyers using descriptive language.


Proofread meticulously: Typos and grammatical errors can detract from your message.

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Use CTA’s To Increase Sales 

Weave power words into your call to action (CTA) to compel customers to take the next step! A CTA is intended to induce the reader to perform a specific act; in this case, purchasing your item!


General CTAs:

  • Don't miss out! Purchase now!  (Creates a sense of urgency)

  • Treat yourself! You deserve it. (Appeals to emotional desire)

  • Limited quantities available! (Highlights scarcity)

  • Shop now and get free shipping! (Incentivizes immediate purchase)

  • Make an offer! (Opens the door for negotiation)


CTAs based on item specifics:

  • For collectibles: "Complete your collection! Buy now!"

  • For new or unopened items: "Be the first to own this! Grab it now!"

  • For upgraded or customized items: "Unlock the full potential! Get yours today!"

    • For anything giftable: “Give the perfect present to [Mom] for [Mother’s Day]!
  • For fast shipping: "Get it fast! Buy now and receive it within 2 days!"


CTAs with a question:

  • Ready to level up your style? Buy now! (Engages the buyer and sparks interest)

  • Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further! (Positions your item as a solution)

  • Want a perfect career wardrobe? You need these pants!


💡Tips for CTAs:

  • Keep your CTAs concise and clear.

  • Match the CTA to the overall tone of your listing description.

  • Consider using a strong verb to encourage action (e.g., buy, shop, grab).

  • Test different CTAs to see what resonates best with your audience.


In conclusion, powerful words are great tools that can significantly elevate your sales game. By incorporating these words strategically, you can capture customer attention, highlight the value of your item, and ultimately convert more viewers into buyers! Shopping is a psychological process, and some subtle marketing techniques can lead to increased sales! 


Do you have any power words or phrases that you use in your descriptions? Tell us below 👇🏼

(Note: that’s an example of the perfect CTA 😉) 



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