10 Top Reseller Tips to Level-Up Your Business

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10 Top Reseller Tips to Level-Up Your Business

Here are some of the best tips from reselling expert Daneen Tellez. Daneen, “The Frugal Fashionista” has been selling for decades. Here are her best tips and tricks to scale your business and make more sales!


1. Photography Tips For Better Listings


Looks matter! Make sure your photos are crisp and clean to attract more buyers! Here are some tips to help you achieve perfect photographs 📸


Take Photographs in Natural Light

Natural sunlight is, of course, the best light source.  Taking photos near a window or outdoors really captures the essence of the colors. Don’t forget to photograph all the details of the piece, this helps buyers see exactly what they’re going to purchase and also reduces the chances of the item being returned because not enough details were shown.


If you don’t have access to natural light, you can always supplement with artificial lighting like a ring light. You can also adjust the brightness of the camera or phone to maximize light!


Use Backdrops For Perfect Backgrounds

The use of backdrops is another way to get a cohesive background for your photos. Amazon has some great and inexpensive ones.


You might also create DIY backgrounds. All you need for small items is a poster board from the dollar store!  For hanging garments, a light-colored wall and a command hook are the perfect duo!


Photographing items can be tricky sometimes. Do I choose a flat lay? Mannequin? Hang it? Model it? Do what works best for you! Go online and google different styles to see what you like best.  


Here’s a quick tip! Go to the site or marketplace you sell on and check sold comps on what you’re looking to sell to see what items are selling and how they are being photographed. For example: If you see a majority of jeans are sold from hanging or model photos, take that into consideration.


Make sure to photograph items that are wrinkle-free. For more efficiency, batch your items in groups or categories, such as jeans, dresses, and so on, as this will streamline your process and make it quicker and easier.


Use Photoediting Apps to Enhance Your Photos

If you are lacking time, like most of us are, you can use apps that will change or enhance your backgrounds. 


Using these apps you can select whichever background you like most. I prefer clean white backgrounds, this way it comes up in Google Search easier and the image is able to be read by Google Lens. One app that I use and recommend is PhotoRoom.  

Did you know that PhotoRoom is integrated in Vendoo? With the Background Remover by PhotoRoom, you’ll have perfect cover photos on all of your listings. 


2. Measurements!

Properly measuring your item is also key. Whether you want to add them in your listing is up to you, but I like to advise it. And in some cases sites require it.


Quick tip: Taking photographs of the measurements while batch photographing items and then adding a blank white photo in between, is a great way to separate the items and list them quicker. You also have it at your fingertips so you can make drafts on Vendoo while watching tv or doing something else from your phone.


3. Use Good Keywords in Your Titles & Descriptions

Keywords are also so important. Creating a great title with brand, size, clothing type, color, and clothing material is important.  Stay away from emojis; they do nothing for you, at least SEO-wise.  


The terminology SEO – Search Engine Optimization is often used and means the process of improving your site to increase visibility. Relevant hashtags and wording will definitely boost views. 


Think about what words people would use to look up an item and the unique identifiers of your garment. Using these right hashtags and describing the piece correctly is so important to attracting the right buyers.  


One debate on keywords is whether to use the name of the style for the brand category.  


For example: Justin Western Cowboy Amelia Brown Leather Heeled Boot. Notice “Amelia”.  Some people would argue NOT to put in the name. This reasoning stems from the fact that people will look up the name after seeing this, and see all the price comps. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on this!


4. Don’t Overbuy! 

Can I repeat that again?! DO NOT Overbuy! You do not want a ton of unlisted inventory to accumulate in a “death pile.” 


Start by selling things you already have. 

If you’re new to reselling, start reselling what is in your own home and also donations from friends. Don’t be afraid to ask them for what they no longer use. 


If you have been selling for a while and are anything like me, chances are, you overbuy. Tendency to do this leads to guilt, feeling overwhelmed, money piles, less space in your home, and a cluttered mind. Overbuying will also make it more difficult to organize your inventory when you have so much at once. 


Here are some things that I have learned over the years

  1. Create and define and budget for the month.  

  2. Leave those pesky credit cards at home and bring cash only.  

  3. Set a timer when being out in the store to help you move about your day.  

  4. Get introspective and figure out what sets off the need to go shopping, when you have so much already.  

  5. Get those items washed and in bins or bags ready to be photographed.



5. Do Pricing Research by Checking Comps 


When determining pricing, check “comps” (comparables) by performing a search for what you are selling. 


Note: if an item has a price tag attached for $1,199, it could only be worth $1.99 for the online resale market value. Buyer beware!


To check comps, type the brand and type into Google, Sellhound, or the marketplaces where you sell. Then, you will see what other sellers are pricing similar items for. Make sure you also filter by the sold price to see what similar items actually sold for. Remember time is money and money is time. You can also use Google Lens to help you find your item quickly.


Did you know that SellHound is integrated in Vendoo? You can check comps right from the Vendoo listing form! 


6. Stay Organized 


Staying organized is the key to success. Here are some quick tips to keep you from getting overwhelmed.


  1. Setting a schedule, joining an accountability group, or even setting an amount you want to list per day, week, or month will help. Just make sure to have a plan, set goals, and try to seek help. 

  2. Don’t be afraid to outsource.  You could hire help to share your listings, model clothing, or help with data entry.

  3. Creating mystery boxes helps you to quickly get rid of merchandise you no longer want. Mystery box giveaways or donations to events will help bring awareness to your social media platform and help support the community at the same time.


7. Inventory Management


Get organized with your inventory from the very beginning. If you have started already, it is never too late to take a little bit at a time and start getting organized. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find that Gucci Bag you just sold for $1,000, am I right?!  


Here are some steps you can take to get organized:

  1. After you have shopped, put your items in bins or bags labeled “to be washed”. Even attach the receipt to it as well, so you keep track of the date and cost of goods.

  2. Input your items into your Vendoo account. Then wash and steam each item.

  3. Measure, Photograph, and Comp your items.

  4. Place items in numbered bags, input into Vendoo or a spreadsheet, and finally label your bins with a naming system that works for you. 

  5. When creating drafts in Vendoo, be sure to add your SKU or your inventory numbers into your listing notes. What is a SKU? A stock keeping unit. It is just a number that identifies a particular product.


Remember if you’re away, someone else can always ship for you if they can find the item.


8. Networking: The Social Scene


Since the world has changed so much in the last couple of years, being a part of social media is important. 


Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse, and Youtube are the main social hubs.  Type in keywords and hashtags to find rooms, communities, videos, groups, and posts that resonate with you and offer you great tips. Joining groups like Vendoo: A Seller’s Best Friend, Vendoo’s Monthly Listing Challenge, or Poshmark on Facebook, Instagram, and Clubhouse is a great start. As well as the Vendoo Youtube Channel which is a wealth of information.


Create your own content to show your authentic self, as this will also help drive traffic to your business. When doing this make sure to add links to your business or marketplace closets for potential buyers to easily find you. Remember it’s always good to be in the know and stay on top of opportunities that might come along.  


Quick tip: Stay up to date on the Instagram algorithm by reading articles or forums online. Go on your posts and look at your insights, see the reach from your hashtags, how many views, saves, shares and likes each of your posts received. You can also go into your insights for your page and see many more statistics. As this will help you determine what your audience and followers enjoy the most. 


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9. Sourcing 101- If it’s Free, it’s for ME!


Let’s start with free sourcing.

  1. Start in your own home. Look for items that you haven’t worn or used in several years. Then ask friends and family as they will likely have something they want to get rid of.

  2. Go to garage sales on their last day to get all the things by the curb or that were not sold.

  3. Also, go to move-out days for colleges. Nobody wants to bring home too many goods.  

  4. Post announcements on Facebook’s local groups and Marketplace, as well as places like Nextdoor, or Craigslist, some people even do dumpster diving behind retail stores. Enter giveaways, couponing, thrift shops and library areas for free items.

  5. Dry cleaners and shoe repair shops always have items people never come back for.  

  6. Try selling for people on consignment.  If you have ever been to a buy, sell, trade store then you know people usually leave with as much as they came with. Hand them a card and offer to sell. Have pop-up consignment parties. Offer to consign for people with connections and create a rewards or affiliate program. Just have your consignment contract ready and you’re good to go.


Get creative and be outgoing! You would be surprised what you can get.


Inexpensive Sourcing

  1. Let's start with mystery boxes. Always ask questions, look for reputable sellers, and look at reviews. Buyer beware, but when you find the right person to buy from, it’s a great resource.

  2. Estate and garage sales are always great places for inexpensive items. Make sure to get there early or go on the second day towards the end for some of the best bundling and haggling.

  3. Buy & sell trade stores like Platos Closet, Clothes Mentor, or Style Encore are all great places to sell and buy from inexpensively. Join in their rewards programs and you can get points and save even more.

  4. Thrift stores like Salvation Army, Savers, Value Village, and Church Thrift are great resources. 

    Tip: Ask what colors are on sale that day, any big sales and on what days. Establish relationships with the managers and staff. Join the VIP programs to be in the know of major sales especially around the holidays. Anyone say Black Friday?! Lastly, donate.  Donating feels good giving back, you get a tax write-off, and you usually get a coupon for a percentage off your next shopping trip.

Goodwill and the Goodwill Outlet.  Aka “The Bins”

  • As someone who has been to the bins all across the country I would say out of all the places to thrift shop, the bins is the least expensive.  You are literally buying clothing, goods, shoes, and whatever else ends up in the big blue bins by the pound.  The Goodwill Store is different and has items for sale in a store environment.

  • Tips:  Don’t overbuy.  Know the rules.  Look online to see where there is one in your state and check the hours.  Call and ask when they do their “flips” or bring new bins out.  Bring change of clothes, water, a granola bar (you won’t want to leave), and some hand sanitizer.  Watch your, bring some Ikea bags, and you are good to go.

  • Look at online resources like Thredup, The RealReal, Poshmark, and other selling sites.  Go in and filter to price dropped, just listed and least expensive.

  • Go on Instagram and other live selling platforms like BuyonGalaxy to get bundle deals cutting out the middleman.

  • Liquidation Pallets.  Research them and see what company you like the most.  

  • Rag Houses.  What are they?  They are a wholesale recycling plant.  They believe in zero waste by taking nonsellable items and turning them into rags.  Some places have people who dig and pick through to find items to sell and pay by the pound.  These companies usually sell to thrift shops as well.


Charity and PTA Fundraisers. These groups usually send their donations to places like Carecycle or Savers for .20 cents on the pound.  Offer more.  The bottom line is, be creative and the sky's the limit!


10. Final Tips


  1. Communication is key when dealing with people.  Be kind, diplomatic and courteous.  Be Responsive right away.  Ship out in a timely fashion.

  2. Self-Promotion is important when sending out your items.  Make sure to include your business cards with a link to your website and a handwritten thank you.

  3. Balance in every aspect of your job.  Set those timers.  Make time for family and self-care.  

  4. Finally, the most IMPORTANT TIP is to CROSSPOST with VENDOO to get more eyes on your items.  More eyes mean a higher chance your item will sell. No brainer here.


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Updated June 2023 by Vendoo Staff

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