How to Start Selling on Mercari

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How to Start Selling on Mercari

Over the past few years, Mercari has emerged as a strong marketplace that sellers should explore. The platform is growing rapidly and is very easy to use. You have the option to use Mercari from either a mobile device or a computer, so it’s a good fit for most resellers.

Which is why in this blog post we’d like to explain how to sell on Mercari and list an item.



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Listing Your Item

Once you’re on the Mercari homepage, you can create your listing by clicking “Sell” in the top right hand corner. Mercari has a very simple listing form that’s quick and easy to navigate. You can begin your listing by uploading up to 12 images. Whenever possible, try to use as many of these images as you can to show potential buyers both clean product shots as well as detailed images of conditional damage and tags.


After you’ve chosen your images, you can fill in your title, which can be up to 40 characters. The character limit for Mercari titles is less than some other marketplaces, so focus on only providing important information in the title, or keywords like the name of the brand and the style of the item. If there’s any information that doesn’t fit in the title, you have up to 1000 characters in the description to include these remaining details. 


Next, you can enter three hashtags that will help buyers find your item. These hashtags can be the brand name, item style and another keyword that would bring up your item in a search.


The listing form will now prompt you to choose from one of Mercari’s selling categories and will allow you to select the brand name for your item. If the brand name isn’t on their list or you’re unsure about it, you have the option to choose “No Brand/Not Sure” and move forward. The next step is to select the condition that best fits the item you’re selling and its primary color.


After the Product Info section has been completed, you’ll have to set the shipping details.  You can enter your ZIP Code, which allows buyers to know where you’re shipping from. There’s also an option to give buyers free shipping. Some sellers like to offer free shipping as a sales incentive for the customer. 


Next, you can choose your preferred shipping method from their dropdown list. Lastly, you can set the price, if this is your first listing on the platform or you’re unsure on how to price your product, search for similar items on the same platform, as this will give you a good reference and idea for your price. After thuis, you’re ready to list your item! 


After Your Item Is Listed

Once your item is listed, buyers can send offers and you can send counter offers as well until you’ve agreed on a price. As the seller, you can also initiate an offer, by sending a discounted price to anyone who is watching your item. 


If you experience any issues or have any questions while using the software, Mercari has a very user-friendly help center where you can find any information you need.


Making A Sale

After selling an item, you can either ship it yourself and upload the tracking information, or use a prepaid label that Mercari provides. The buyer has to confirm that they received the item, and both the buyer and seller have to submit feedback in order for the money to be released into your account. Mercari provides two different cash out options for receiving your payment. You can either use Instant Pay, which has a $2 fee and a $500 monthly limit, or you can do a bank direct deposit which takes 3 to 5 business days for the money to reach your account.


If you have any additional tips or would like to share about your experience selling on Mercari, feel free to comment below.

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